Watch Johny Hendricks Make Weight On His Second Attempt

Watch Johny Hendricks Make Weight On His Second Attempt


For fans that saw it today, Johny Hendricks missed his official UFC 171 welterweight championship weigh-in by one-and-a-half pounds.

However, with Hendricks being the determined fighter and wrestler that he is, and given the extra time to cut the full weight – as it’s a championship bout he was required to hit 170 on the nose – “Bigg Rigg” dutifully went off to shed the water.

Returning the hit the scale within the allotted two hours, Hendricks once again stripped down and with the towel raised the welterweight title challenger hit the mark; 170 bang on. As such, the Hendricks vs. Lawler match is now a go.

By way of record, it should be noted that Lawler hit weight easily and without having to strip down and in no way looked drawn out. However and on the other hand, “Bigg Rigg” need two shots at the can to make weight and appeared gaunt.

Regarding it all, the question fans will be wondering going into tomorrow’s bout is whether or not Hendricks’s struggle to make weight will play to Lawler’s advantage. In comparing the two fighters at the stare-down Lawler looked to be the bigger and more focused fighter.

Either way, fans are in for a treat tomorrow night. This is easily one of the best cards that the UFC will put on this year. 

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