Johny Hendricks Gets Chris Weidman If Nine Ranked Welterweights Quit

Johny Hendricks Gets Chris Weidman If Nine Ranked Welterweights Quit


UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks ascended to the promotion’s 170 pound throne reliant upon its evacuation by long reigning champion Georges St. Pierre and a unanimous decision win over Robbie Lawler at UFC 171; a fight in which he took more damage than he gave.

Past securing his title by way of a crucial fifth round takedown of the “Ruthless” one, “Bigg Rigg” has been on the shelf since the date – March 15, 2014 – rehabbing a torn right bicep.  

On the mend and expecting an October return to the promotion’s Octagon, the untested champion found himself as co-host of Friday’s (June 20, 2014) edition of Inside MMA.

With UFC President Dana White on hand as an on-air guest, Hendricks was “put… on the spot”  by the show’s co-host, Kenny Rice, and asked to formulate a question to his (contractual) employer.

By way of a “hypothetical,” Hendricks drafted the following “if” driven scenario and asked the ‘MMA rainmaker’ if they (“we”) could make it “happen.”

Hendricks in query:

“Realistically, if I won, I don’t know – three or four fights – and so does (UFC Middleweight Champion) Chris Weidman – three or four fights – do you think we could have that happen at 185?”

Addressing Hendricks as “Champ,” White reminded the 30-year-old fighter that the requisite he reigns over is one of the most dynamic and competitive divisions within the promotion’s web of classes, and that – for all intents and purposes – he was getting ahead of himself.

White (laughing, with Bas Rutten by his side doing likewise):

“You are in a very nasty division, that is packed with talent from (No.) 1 through 13. You got a lot of cleaning out to do… before you start talking about Chirs Weidman,” promotion’s head White, stated.

Acknowledging the truth of White’s analytic, the 5’9, has yet to defend his title, Hendricks, pursued his “hypothetical” as if it was one of his renowned double-leg takedowns.

In comical counter, White made it clear as to what he thought of the Oklahoma wrestler’s “hypothetical.”

White in response:

“So, hypothetically, if (No.) 5 through 13, ah, quit in the next two years, yeah, maybe we can do you and Chris Weidman.”

With everyone laughing – including Hendricks – the show cued out.

In review, the welterweight champ’s “hypothetical” provides for a considerable amount of providence and forecasting, to be sure.

However, in lieu of it all, “Bigg Rigg’s” coaches might be inclined to remind Hendricks of truth’s axiom: first it is ridiculed, then violently opposed, and finally it is simply accepted.

The full spectrum of the Weidman vs. Hendricks debate, inclusive of the additional subjects touched upon, is provided below; White vs. Hendricks begins at the 5:30 mark of the video.   

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  • enjoylife321

    How embarrasing for Johnny Hendricks…..He needs a cat scan if he thinks he can just jump in and fight chris weidman at 185 after three wins at welterweight….

    • Bruce Lee

      Absolutely. I like Johny but he is not the humble guy I thought he was a year or so ago. There is an underlying arrogance. Maybe I expecting too much and you need a degree of arrogance to make it this far but he's not the guy I thought he was.

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Bas vs Dana would be an interesting match up. We all should not underestimate his boxing skills.

    • soiWANNABEafighter

      …..+ his love handles might be strong enough to protect him from the first few liver shots!

  • HunterB

    This is F'n ridiculous. The amount of cools on this article are also ridiculous. This guy beat Lawler using the same shit GSP did to him. And now he thinks he is Jesus of 170.

    • Entity

      Amazing how a beard will go to your head (though Jesus' beard might be longer and more powerful) bwahahah, even when Hunter might be serious he makes me smile 8))

  • Brasil

    Jesus of 170! I am crying here….good stuff!

    • Entity

      "Thou shalt not….wait he just punched a guy in the face"

  • gm1

    I personally dont think Hendricks will be champ long. Lawler is more of a veteran than he is. And more hungry, more humble, more classier…more liked… Hendricks has never impressed me even before he fought GSP.