UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is often compared to her male counterparts in the MMA world, but not often is she paired up in fantasy fights with boxers. Aside from Holly Holm (who now is a MMArtist) the comparison almost seems a little hard to make.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan stopped by with ESPN to discuss Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather jr., check it out:

“It’s all about how much time Floyd has to prepare, because he would have to really work on his defense. If Ronda got a clinch on him, it’s not just about being taken down, it’s about knees to the body and her manipulating Floyd’s body in ways he isn’t used to.”

Some boxers have attempted the crossover in to the MMA world, and most fail miserably. Probably the most notable is the tale of James Toney vs. Randy Couture, and the waste of time fight that came as a result. Rogan expanded on the subject:

“Floyd would need about six months to prepare and would have to work with the best trainers in the world. Ronda Rousey would win, it’s very hard to avoid a clinch. You don’t see very many early one punch knockouts seconds in to the fight. If (Ronda) keeps her chin tucked and grabs hold of him, she is going to be able to do a lot of things that he doesn’t understand.”

What do you think, would Rousey be able to take out one of the greatest boxers that ever lived? ‘Money’ might not agree with him, but JR certainly makes a good point; grappling has been the undoing of countless stand-up style scrappers in the past, so would there really be much difference here?