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Joe Rogan’s Ultimate Eight Heavyweight Knockouts


In light of Cain Velasquez’s UFC 166 title defence against Junior Dos Santos, the buzz around the Heavyweight division has been huge. CV proved his dominance while giving Dos Santos a stern lesson over four and a half round this past Saturday.

One reason that the UFC’s Heavyweight division is so exciting is the knockouts. We all love a good technical battle, a grappling display or a five round war; but you have to admit that some of the greatest MMA moments come in the form of a brutal knockout.

Joe Rogan recently ran down his top 8 Heavyweight knockouts, and it includes some real classic finishes. Check out the video below, courtesy of UFC.com, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Stupid list…

    • por que?

      • Tu que dices, que esa es la mejor liste de knock outs?

      • quiero helado

      • Mind boggling how Anderson did not make the list. What about Serra vs GSP? Fedor vs Arlovski? Henderson vs W. Silva? Common now….

        Browne vs Overeem & Carwin vs Mir??? That's a joke.

  • This should really be called most relevant KO's of the current UFC HW division…

    The only 2 that aren't super recent showcase the KO potential of our current champ and a re-surging Gonzaga, both are on a better roll now than they were then!

    Poor Overeem… A KO King in his own right and shows up twice on the wrong end in this list! Haha

  • To be honest there have been more awesome KO's in other divisions. Only KO on the list here that was truly spectacular was Gonzaga vs CroCop. 185, 205, 145, and 170 all have better KO reels than Heavyweight.

  • So nobody seen Mir get Ring Raped huh?

    Complain to JoRo it was his piece, Rory just posted it for our entertainment.

    Keep doing what you do Ro & forget about all these Connie Da Complainig Muthafu**az

  • add Check Congo VS Pat Barry in there and mike russow vs Todd Duffee

    imo they are missing !

    • Yeah they are way better KO's in my opinion.

    • Yeah, Big Country's got a few really good ones too, although he's not an extremely relevant fighter. I was expecting to see him vs Struve or Herman on this list. Also, Mir's knee that knocked out Cro Cop was more impressive on a technical level than most HW knockouts.

      Hell, if they were just wanting to show the power that heavyweights could bring to the table, why not Lesnar vs. Couture? barely clipped Randy with a punch and still dropped him.

      • yep Big Country is one of the better KO guys at heavyweight.

      • Or Carwin's on one knee KO uppercut of Gonzaga. 2 inch punch was crazy.