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Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg Look Forward to UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman


In a video courtesy of Fuel TV, UFC Octagon announcers Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg preview the upcoming blockbuster middleweight title match between longtime champ Anderson Silva and challenger Chris Weidman. Many think that Weidman is the man to finally dethrone ‘The Spider,’ while others believe it will be yet another knockout for the champ.

Rogan and Goldberg express their beliefs that Silva is the greatest of all time, a sentiment both loved and hated among MMA fans everywhere today. The event will go down on July 6th from Las Vegas in the main event of UFC 162. 

Weidman has looked impressive in going undefeated but has obviously yet to face opposition even close to Silva. He is also coming off a year-long layoff coupled with shoulder surgery, so it will be an incredibly tough test for both fighters. Who do you pick to win this pivotal matchup in three weeks’ time?


  • im excited to watch anderson silva gets beaten by another wrestler but this time he is going to be TKod, i mean weidmann is much younger, bigger and faster what else does silva have an advantage, maybe standup but they are going to fight at the ground i see this fight as weidmann will be at the top beating silva with elbows and punches.

    • Very interesting analysis mate. Congratulations, you've got it all figured out.

      • silva has never lost to a wrestler or has been close to losing from tko in his career. the only way i see weidman winning is by aggressively testing silvas submission defence. weidman may have looked good on the feet against munoz but his standup is nowhere near the level of silva. i dont know why people really want to see him lose he could go down as the greatest ever in mma fighting top competition as hes reaching his fourties. but maybe the haters will actually miss him when hes gone

    • So you're basing this off of your Anderson Silva hate? brilliant analysis.

  • I just dont see the awesome fight cards we had in the past. It's been a long while since I was pumped for a UFC event. Ive been saving my money. From the replies after every event, it was probably a wise thing to do.
    Rheem was the only one I cheered for as he fall to the mat ha

  • Goldy & Joe selling wolf tickets. It's their job.

  • Jon Jones has fought better opponents and trashed them all. Anderson is great to be sure, but he's feasted on a weaker crew.

    • Your right Jon Jones was able to build up an incredible resume in a short amount of time. However, I've never seen ANY mma fighter with the composure and reflexes to simply stand still and dodge a punch with such ease before delivering a counter punch. I've seen boxers do that but not mma fighters. Silva is easily the most deadly finisher we have seen too.
      Jon Jones athleticism play a larger role is his dominance that people like to admit but I'm willing to admit that I believe Jon Jones isn't anywhere near his full potential as a striker. I expect to be calling him the G.O.A.T 10 years from now, but for now I'm riding with Silva as the G.O.A.T.

  • Rogan looks all bloated, WTF.

    • lol, imagine you made Joe's monthly paycheck and smoked pot.

  • AS is no doubt one of the best (if not the best) ever. Why then do people hate? The answer has two points to consider. 1. People just like to hate on the success of others because many times it makes them consider their own (possible) lake thereof. 2. There is a lot of implied racism against successful fighters if you read peoples comments closely. For example many people complain about GSP being boring and hope he loses but people who hate on AS more often wish him a violent KO. Racism is refuge of uneducated fools and has no place in the analysis of the sport we all love.

    • Lets not forget, many dont like his attitude. I dont hate Anderson, just not a huge fan.
      I dont think you can pile it all up to racism and lack of success in their own life.

      • I was directing my comments to the haters not the disdainers lol

  • *lake* i meant lack lol i had the lake on my mind.