Joe Lauzon is no stranger to exciting fights, having finished all 22 victories of his now lengthy MMA career. His style ends fights, but he still may be a few wins away from being considered a true top Lightweight. However, he already is in his eyes, telling MMAJunkie:

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm one of the top guys, and I don't care what anyone else thinks. Obviously it matters what Dana (White) and Joe Silva and those guys think, but I know those guys love to watch me fight. They obviously put me somewhere near the top. They gave me a co-main event slot. They've always put me in good fights, tough fights.” 

Lauzon is definitely the kind of fighter that fans love to watch, and he’ll take that aggressive style into his pivotal UFC 155 bout with fellow grappler Jim Miller this Saturday. His UFC on Fox 4 bout against Jamie Varner this August was widely considered one the most exciting fights of the year, and Lauzon is looking to continue this in Las Vegas. He described the difference between his mindset and that of more conservative fighters: 

"We don't gameplan to win fights. We gameplan to dominate fights. Usually what happens is I hit them with a punch or an elbow or a knee or something like that and then catch a submission. They start to get a little loopy, and they start giving things up. 

I think other guys probably gameplan to win rounds. They're going to stop the other guy and then win round after round. That's not us. We gameplan to go out there and hurt people and dominate."

Lauzon could catapult up the rankings significantly with a win over Miller. Can he rise to the challenge and become top level after several years in the UFC?