Jessica Eye’s UFC 166 Win Overturned Nearly Four Months After The Fact

Jessica Eye’s UFC 166 Win Overturned Nearly Four Months After The Fact


27 year old women’s bantamweight and number five ranked fighter, Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye, has had her October 19th, 2013, UFC 166 split decision defeat of Sarah Kaufman, overturned.

This past weekend, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) upset the Houston verdict and in its place, has marked the fight a ‘no decision.’

On Monday, the TDLR made clear its reasoning for striking Eye’s win from the official record, by stating that the fighter had tested positive for a “prohibitive drug.” However, the commission failed to stipulate as to what drug or drugs, were found in Eye’s system. Further, the commission failed to state why it’s taken them nearly four months to make the determination.

In terms of a penalty, Evil has been fined $1,875 and given a “fully probated suspension” of one year.

The suspension will be considered enforced retroactive to the 22nd of this month and will stay in effect until January 22nd 2015. The commencement date of Eye’s suspension was fixed to the day of the Texas commission’s decision.

Regarding the nature of Eye’s suspension, it ostensibly amounts to a warning or suspended sentence and nothing more. The fighter is still allowed to fight, but she must abide by the conditions of her probation, which are most likely to revolve around her (Eye) not taking any more prohibited drugs.

For her fans and the UFC’s management, this is good news from bad.

As Eye is set to take on Alexis Davis at UFC 170 in Las Vegas on the 22nd of this month, it means the (now) 0 – 0 – 1 (UFC) fighter won’t be a scratch for the event. As such, the promotion won’t need to go in search of a replacement fighter for the number five ranked Eye. Resultantly, her bout with the number three ranked Davis (2 – 0 UFC) can move forward as scheduled.

In support of the fact and to allay any concerns that her upcoming match might be a scratch and as a result of the TDLR’s findings, Eye took to her Twitter account today and tweeted her “promise” to be in Vegas, and in the Octagon with Davis, the night of the fight.

Eye vs. Davis should be a good match and one likely to mark the winner as a title contender, as right behind the number one ranked Cat Zingano. For the record, Zingano is expected to get the winner of the night’s bantamweight title fight; a match that pits Olympic Judoka bronze medalist and women’s 135 pound champion, Ronda Rousey, up against fellow Olympian and silver medalist wrestler, Sara McMann. This will mark the first time in UFC history that two former Olympic medalists will have faced off against one another in the Octagon; should be a great fight.   

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    Kaufman won that anyway.

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    Hey Jessica if it's no big deal then tell us what it was about especially if you don't want rumors from what people read spreading.