Jessica Eye has been in the MMA headlines lately, but not really for the right reasons. News recently emerged that the bantamweight scrapper had failed a drugs test and received a probationary suspension, meaning she could still fight at UFC 170 against Alexis Davis.

UFC 166 was the night in question, where Eye beat Sarah Kaufman over three rounds. The subsequent failed drugs test meant that the win was changed to a no-contest, and rumours began to spread about the possible reason for the failed test. It was first thought that blood thinners for an existing ailment were the cause, but other news has emerged since.

Bloody Elbow first reported that ‘reliable sources close to the athletic commission’ have confirmed that the drug test was failed due to marijuana being found in a urine sample. Eye did not take kindly to the report, and sent out the following via twitter, before deleting her account:

“Lmao …. Just going to smile back and ignore all the BS … Y’all can speculate whatever you want .. ok show me the test result . Come on show me the proof you talk so much shit about. You can’t can u . Nah didn’t think so”

“As my dad says ” f- these pre Madonna mother …. Do your work in cage ” peace out everyone done on twitter”

“brentbrookhouse you’re a shit starter. Thanks again buddy. Hope we get to meet one day soon so I can personally tell you how I feel .”

The UFC is yet to confirm reports either way, but it does seem odd that she received no actual suspension. Perhaps this is the first sign that the athletic commissions and UFC are starting to ease their stance on Mary Jane in combat sports? Or perhaps there is a simpler explanation?

There is always the chance that Eye is on medicinal marijuana and that the ‘source’ close to the commission has their wires crossed. Whatever the cause, Eye still gets to fight at UFC 170, but she will do so after clearly being affected by the media controversy after 166.

I don’t think that veiled threats against a news reporter will get Eye too far, and she doesn’t appear to directly deny the rumours/accusations about the failed drugs test. I’m on the fence on this one, any ideas?