As the UFC World Tour wound down in Rio this week, “UOL Esporte” asked former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos his thoughts on Daniel Cormier moving to the light heavyweight division and all in an effort to avoid fighting his good friend, training partner and heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez.

On the subject, JDS prognosticated that it’s not going to happen and the reason why, is because Velasquez won’t be champion after “Cigano” defeats him on October 19th (UFC 166).

Specifically, Junior remarked:

"He’s not (going to 205 pounds) and you know why? Because I will defeat Cain, and he will want to fight me."

Personally, I think Cigano could once again wear the heavyweight belt come this fall, but it’s not going to be easy and if he’s somehow looking past Cain to Cormier, it could well prove to be a whole lot harder.

Admittedly Junior made short work of Velasquez in their first fight. However, in their second meeting Cain spanked JDS for 5 rounds and did so in commanding fashion. That was only 10 short months ago.

In reading his words and in considering his loss to the champ and the manner of it, as well as the fact that it was only a few months ago, one has to wonder as to why Cigano is so confident.

Should JDS show up for his (fall) bout with anything less than improved wrestling skills, a full gas tank and a body that hasn’t been “over-trained”, which is what he said his problem was in the first fight, then I’d be more confident that Cormier will be moving down to 205 than I would be that JDS would be defending a heavyweight belt, against him.  

As GSP says, “the only fight that matters is the one in front of you” and on the point, I hope for Junior’s eyes are on the champ and not Daniel Cormier.