Jake Shields Wants A Title Shot If He Beats Hector Lombard

Jake Shields Wants A Title Shot If He Beats Hector Lombard


Former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Jake Shields, has been quietly climbing up the welterweight rankings since dropping back-to-back fights to Georges St-Pierre and Jake Ellenberger.

Now the 35-year old seems to be in reaching distance of UFC gold, all that stands in his way is Hector Lombard who is set to meet Shields later this month. According to the Cesar Gracie fighter he should be next in line for the belt if he beats the Olympian:

I’ve gotta be close,” Shields told MMAjunkie Radio. “I’m on a good win streak right now, and I want to go out there put Hector away and hopefully finish, which isn’t an easy task. I would be the first guy to do it and get a title shot.

As Shields said, finishing Lombard will be a far from easy thing to do. The Cubans two losses in the UFC have both come from split-decisions in the middleweight division. In his welterweight debut Lombard looked devastating, knocking out former Strikeforce champion Nate Marquardt in under two minutes.

However, Shields has a strategy for his hard hitting opponent and unsurprisingly it involves taking him down:

I want to take him down, go for a submission, (and work) heavy ground and pound,” Shields said. “I think if I can finish him, I can probably get a title shot. So I need to go out there and push as hard as I possibly can.

“Hector’s a guy you can’t go in and push too fast; you don’t want to go in and start trading with him, because in my mind, he’s quite possibly the hardest hitter in the 170-pound division.”

Lombard has made his intentions for the fight perfectly clear, openly stating that he will knock Shields out and calling his future opponent boring. But Shields doesn’t care what the Cuban says, as he thinks Lombard knows a hard fight is coming up.

Guys will say whatever, like, ‘It’s going to be an easy fight,’ but when you’re fighting someone at the top level, we all know that it’s not going to be an easy fight,” he said. “I don’t think Hector’s going to be an easy fight. I’d be stupid to say that. I could pretend in this interview and say, ‘Oh, I’m going to walk right through him,’ but Hector’s a beast, man.

“I know that, he knows I’m tough, and we’ve both got to be at the top of our game that night.”

Shields knows he has a huge task ahead of him when the pair meet at UFC 171, but he also knows a win would be huge for him and hopes it will be enough to get him the next crack at the title.

“I think if I win this fight, I’m the most deserving of it.”

Do you think Shields deserves a title shot with a win over Lombard?

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/DesiredUsername DesiredUsername

    A lot of people are writing Shields off in this fight but I think he's gotta good chance. And it wouldn't be the first time he beat someone he wasn't supposed to!
    He definitely deserves a shot if he beats Lombard.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/IGMBurninPiff IGMBurninPiff

    I guess in the hypothetical that he did beat Lombard Id say he's near the top he can't skip Condit if he were to win too. Hypothetical if him and Woodley were to win I think they'd need to fight eachother to put the stamp on who gets it. I don't think that will be a problem though because I have Lombard and Condit winning meaning Condit is next Lombard after he takes 1 more fight and wins.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/TheXperience TheXperience

      ^ This…

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Camelux3000 Camelux3000

    Lombard at 170 is a BEAST, he will destroy Shields

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Dbish99 Dbish99

    this fight might go like Shields vs Henderson where shield weather tender sons power and then is able to beat him due to exhaustion.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Dbish99 Dbish99

    Lol i need to quit using voice to text on my phone