Irish Fighter McGregor Feels At Home In Boston

Irish Fighter McGregor Feels At Home In Boston


UFC / FOX Sports 1 stopped by “Peter Welch’s Gym” in south Boston, to attend an open workout for the fans featuring Irish fighter, Conor McGregor and ahead of his fight Saturday night against Max Holloway.

The 145 pound McGregor looks to be in phenomenal shape and in very high spirits.

“Notorious” says that he focuses on the people that are supporting him and uses their support as motivation “to hit the gym…when (he’s) feeling tired.” If this is the case, then surely he will not be lacking for motivation in the “long-lost Irish city” of Boston.

Of their shared heritage, Conor says that Bostonians are proud of their Irish roots and that he, as a proud Irish fighter from Dublin, feels like he’s “at home” in Beantown.

The more fans see of this 25 year old prospect, the more he is apt to grow on them and for good reason. Not only is he an obviously talented fighter with tremendous stand-up skills and a mind boggling 100% finishing rate in his victories (13 & 2 professionally / 1 & 0 UFC), but he’s also a very nice and humble guy, and exudes confidence, without demonstrating ego.

For me, I love everything about McGregor and in particular his “Weidman-esque” attitude and my guess is that the UFC brass loves this kid, too.

Should he be successful on Saturday night, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his next fight to be against a ranked fighter and should he win that, he’s probably only 1 or tops 2 fights / wins away from a title-shot.

In short, McGregor is looking to be the most promising fighter the UFC has seen to date that has hailed from across the pond and from a marketing perspective, there’s probably nothing more the UFC would love then to see than Notorious climb on to the featherweight ranking’s list and begin to rise. He’s also a great excuse to return to “The Emerald Isle” and put on a show; TV deal or no TV deal, in place.  

I wish Notorious all the best on Saturday night; I think he’s a stud. I’m looking forward to not only seeing the fight, but also the reception he receives from the Boston crowd when he’s announced.  

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  • Entity

    I heard the interview he had with Ariel Helwani, and Ariel had Conor's Irish boxing legend surprise him by calling in. Conor has some good boxing skills for sure, and after that call I understood why.

  • TheRealDeal

    Comparing his attitude to Weidman's is dead wrong. Weidman is confident but humble. This guy is just plain C*cky.

    • Brian Cox

      I like the guy and I don't think he's over the line, in terms of his confidence.

      …and Cage, how can we call the guy C*cky when he wears a bow-tie?

      I'm really looking forward to that match. I hope you enjoy the card on Saturday.

      • Entity

        I dont like Bow ties Brian, they itch my neck 8))