Invicta FC 6 Preview: Cyborg vs. Coenen

Invicta FC 6 Preview: Cyborg vs. Coenen


Tomorrow night Invicta FC puts on another show and up for grabs, its inaugural featherweight belt. The two fighters who will be contesting for it are Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and Marloes “Rumina” Coenen.

Both can fight on either their feet or the ground, but this really is a battle of stand-up skills vs. ground-fighting skills.

11 & 1 Santos is a Muay Thai fighter and BJJ brown belt and is known for KO’ing her opponents. Of her 11 victories, 9 have been way of KO and she has 0 submissions. Simply put, Cyborg likes to keep it on the feet and beat-up her opponents.

Rumina on the other hand, has a record of 21 & 5 with most of her wins (15) coming by way of submission and with only 3 KOs’ to her name. The Dutch BJJ champion, black belt and ADCC bronze medalist is really all about 1 thing and that’s submitting her opponents.

In a straight-up comparisons Cyborg has a huge advantage on the feet and Rumina, a huge advantage on the ground.

The difference in their fight tomorrow night could well be the same difference that was in their last fight bout (2010), which was wrestling. When last they squared off for the Strikeforce featherweight title, Santos was simply too strong and too much for Coenen; inevitably overpowering her in the 3rd by way of TKO on the ground.

However and that said, Coenen proved to be up for the task over the first two rounds and with 3 years in the interim, she may well have closed the ground in the wrestling and strength departments. I’d also say of Rumina, that he striking is considerably better than she’s given credit for.

All in all, this should be a very competitive and exciting match tomorrow night. There is no doubt that these two fighters can bang and will bang. Personally, I believe Santos has enough strength, wrestling and BJJ, that she should be able to nullify Rumina’s ground advantages. So, the question will become, has Coenen developed better wrestling and stand-up to counter Cyborg’s stand-up advantages?

My guess is that Santos will exit the ring with the victory and the featherweight belt and that there will be an even greater call within the MMA world to see a Rousey / Santos match. Sadly, with the management style and skill of Tito Ortiz behind Cyborg, who knows if that may ever happen? As we all know, Tito turned down a deal with the UFC that would have seen Cyborg signed to the promotion, but allowed to fight in Invicta and do so, until the UFC could establish a women’s 145 pound division. As Dana White said of Tito’s turning down the deal “it makes no sense”.

Invicta FC 6 goes off tomorrow July 13, at the Ameristar Casino Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri. You can catch it on PPV or on Ustream, beginning at 9 PM EST and at the reasonable price of $14.95 (US). 

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  • Entity

    Well if Cyborg didn't want to be in the UFC, then Tito's declination would make perfect sense Dana.

    • Brian Cox

      Yeah, but Entity, Dana gave Cyborg a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too offer and he turned it down.

      It was just flat out dumb. There was nothing to turn down. Here's a contract…go fight in Invicta under the UFC banner as a UFC fighter, with whatever money and support comes with it…and they turned it down, for simply fighting in Invitca; dumb.

      I think Tito is a nice enough guy, but he is not bright.

      Do you remember the when he was supposed to fight Dana in a boxing match? He called Dana out, Dana accepted and took it seriously, got in shape, dropped a bunch of weight, was hitting the gloves and training…and I think it was weigh-in day and Tito was a no-show.

      Here's why he was a no-show…because someone either told him or he finally realized, that fighting White, win or lose, was a lose / lose proposition for Tito.

      If he beat him, who'd care. If he lost, everyone would. LOL! You lost to Dana White in a boxing match and you're a professional MMA fight. LOL! He would never have lived it down.

      That is just one example of his genius.

      He married Jenna Jameson, man. LOL! I don't know, you can say he's either really brave or really stupid for doing it and I'd go with stupid. I can only imagine the problems that would go along with that and particularly in public, when her "fans" are around.

      Tito is a street kid, who pulled himself up from his own bootstraps by using his fists and has done pretty well for himself, as such. However, he's still that street kid mentally and when he's messing around with guys like Dana White and the UFC and "pretending" that he's calling the shots, he just makes himself look foolish.

      In order to be a good manager, agent or to build your own promotion, you have to be able to read the lay of the MMA landscape and not only take note of it, but to also know its value(s). Tito is incapable of that and it cost Cyborg Santos, as a result. A 12 year old could have negotiated a better deal for Santos, simply by knowing the difference between the two deals. They were the same deals, but 1 came with UFC backing. Which would you have taken?

      I'd been her manager, I would have stuck my hand out and said "deal", Mr. White. Tito's lack of forward thinking, in combination with his ego and his past history with White, screwed Cyborg; IMO.

      • Entity

        The article didnt specify a reason, we can most likely assume, but dont really know. Dana did just take away TJ's fight with Pettis, so it's not totally unimaginable to think Dana is simply making Tito look bad. Tito might have very well been the moron who knows?
        I always said, Tito banging Jenna was probably like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Jenna is trash to start with.

        • Brian Cox

          "I always said, Tito banging Jenna was probably like throwing a hotdog down a hallway." LOL!!!

          I swear man, you and enjoy321 are hilarious.

      • Entity

        I have a feeling Dana couldn't beat his way out of a wet paper bag.

        • Brian Cox

          I don't know, man. Tito back out of the fight. He should have gone with…so, you beat-up DW, who cares. Of the options, that was the best one.

          • Entity

            true man….Im trolling around a lot tonight. Been working 12 hour days last couple days

          • Brian Cox

            You need a shower and a change of avatar. Maybe a good steak, too. However, maybe you're a salad guy and watching your weight. Who knows?

      • enjoylife321

        FIrst of all, If I was Cyborg I would look for an agent that has a positive relationship with Dana and the Fertitas. Why cyborg signed with Tito is really crazy to me. I'd be ok to train with Tito but I wouldn't have him as your front man for anything…Imagine trying to promote yourself with Tito….Even Silva's manager Ed Soares starting loving the camera too much….I'd be looking for a manager with a MBA or law degree and great contacts. Tito has too much Jenna Jameson problems around him, drug allegations, domestic violence. Tito would have done alot better if he found a non **** star.

        • Brian Cox

          Enjoy, all of that is true. You stand a good criteria for picking your agent.

          As to Jenna, I truly know nothing or her work, but only her reputation and where I can see downsides all day, I can also see some of the upsides, too. :-)

          That said, she's not, nor would she ever be, my cup of tea.

          Either way, Tito is that guy whose advice you seek so that you might know what "not" to do, as opposed to what "to do", that you seek his advice so as to do the opposite of it. That is Tito, to me. :-)

          I'll always say this though, when he beat Bader I jumped up and down with joy, for him. I was so freaking happy that he won that fight and that it was impressive.

          Again, I think he had tools and talent, but lacked true heart and confidence. Where he might be physically strong, I think he's mentally weak.

          I hope his post fight career goes well, but if hasn't started out as such with Cyborg's UFC negotiations. She, quite literally, could not have selected worst representation and on so many levels, had she tried.