Inside the mind of Ronda Rousey

Inside the mind of Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey sat down with Fuel TV’s “Fighter’s Cut” and walked through her 2012 bout with and thrashing of, Sarah Kaufman.

“I just had it my mind that I was going to come out and get in her face right away and I wasn’t going to allow her to hit me even one time…We touched gloves. I like her. She’s a pretty cool chick, but (yeah) it’s still the same amount of intensity regardless of whether you like them or not.”

Rousey went out and did exactly as she intended, beginning with 3 quick jabs “right-off-the-bat” at which point, she proceeded to lay 54 seconds worth of beating on Kaufman; fight over.

In listening to her words, I couldn’t help but wonder how she exhibits a brilliant warrior spirit, where some of her male counterparts, do not. She truly is a female bad-*** and in every way.

Also, I can’t help but realize how much she reminds me of a female version of the Diaz brothers and in particular, Nick. Her fight face seems to be as much a “Diaz-esque” snarl and a reflection of their fight mentality, than anything else. When she’s in fight mode, it’s as if you can see the Diaz brothers in her as she moves forward relentlessly and without fear.

These things, along with her dominance, marketability and natural beauty, are the reasons why she is one of the UFC’s crown jewels.



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  • Entity

    She did openly train with the Diaz bros.

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    natural beauty?

    • Entity

      lol, well I dont think she's had plastic surgery.
      Beauty is in the eye of the buttt holder…I mean beholder.

    • Brian Cox

      She is a natural beauty, man. Come on.

      If Ronda looked at you sideways in a bar and you thought she was seriously interested in you…tell me, that your heart wouldn't be pounding.

      She's gorgeous, man. Let's be fair.

  • N.C.

    Funny, after we've gotten to know Miesha. I think a lot of people are going to cheer much louder on her next arm bar.

    Everybody skips over Sarak Kaufman. She's been in MMA a long time and is a very solid fighter. She obviously got destroyed. But she still deserves credit for being somebody who helped carry WMMA when she wasnt geting UFC level support.

    • Brian Cox

      NC…I agree with both of your contentions. Magnanimously, so.

      Spot on, man.