Inside MMA’s WTF 2013

Inside MMA’s WTF 2013


One week into 2014 and most of us have probably had our fill of turkey, but alas there’s always room for a little more. As this is the case, then surely MMA fans can make room for “Inside MMA’s” best turkeys’ of 2013.

In the video there are some comical moments, but perhaps the best is the clip of the wrestler who gets down on the mat and then has the time clock drop on him.

However and even better than AXS TV’s WTF of 2013, has to be Tarec Saffiedine’s two year old son hitting the couch. Truly, it’s not only funny, but impressive. Hearing “Sponge’s” kid hitting the pads, so to speak, you can actually see that the kid has form and power. It really is pretty amazing.

As it is Sunday and not much going on, here’s two videos that will hopefully make you laugh.

*Second video courtesy of Tarec Saffiedine

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  • Entity

    I feel sorry for the other kids in preschool that make that kid mad lol.
    LiLWayne and JustaBeaver shouldnt be allowed anywhere near an MMA event as well.

    • Brian Cox

      The kids form is absolutely amazing.

  • grandslam

    That kid is shocking.