In Detail: Dr. Steven Sanders Explains Anderson Silva’s Leg Reconstruction

In Detail: Dr. Steven Sanders Explains Anderson Silva’s Leg Reconstruction


Dr. Steven Sanders is the orthopedic surgeon that performed Anderson Silva’s emergency surgery this past Saturday night, in Las Vegas. In the operating room immediately after Silva’s devastating UFC 168 leg fracture, as brought about by a Chris Weidman knee-on-shin check of a Silva kick, Sander’s placed a nearly 16 inch long titanium rod in “The Spider’s” left leg.   

In the video provided by the UFC, Sanders explains in great detail the nature of Silva’s injury and exactly how and what he did to repair it.

Of particular note is what the surgeon had to say about “the second part of Anderson’s injury”; his fibula. It too, was fractured along with Silva’s tibia; however, Sander’s elected not to perform surgery on it.

As the doctor states in the video “it can still heal on its own.” As such, Sanders opted not to perform surgery on it, stating that “it was in Anderson’s best interest at this time not to do separate surgery, and induce more trauma at the time his tibia was fixed.”

In listening to his comments, fans might conclude that Silva may not be out of the woods yet regarding surgery, and that indeed, his fibula may need to be addressed at a later date. If this proves to be the case, then it would be reasonable to conclude that it will add to the length of time Anderson might be sidelined. On that point, Silva fans are apt to hope that the phrase “can still heal” translates into “does heal” and without the need for further surgery. On this point, it would be interesting to know when the decision will be made as to whether or not another trip to the operating room will be required.

All things considered, Dr. Sanders seemed to be positive about Silva’s surgery and as such, perhaps there truly is hope that the legend can make his way back to the Octagon; should he choose to do so.

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  • Entity

    Having the rod now should give him some confidence in the repair and further use.

  • diamond-mma2

    so what happened to his fibula? it just stays broken and fixes on its own…amazing, that pretty cool

    • Brian Cox

      It "can" fix on its own, but that doesn't mean that it will. If it fails to do so, the idea would be to operate at a later date and when Silva's tibia is in better shape to handle the surgery; as I understand it, at least.

  • asdf

    Jesus, science is amazing! The $hit they can do never fails to amaze me.

  • grandslam

    Thanks for the video Brian.

    • Brian Cox

      NP, man; glad you liked it.

  • enjoylife321

    This is a great video ! I was surprised at the size of the IM rod

    • Brian Cox

      Yes, I wasn't expecting that either and to be honest, I have to wonder whether or not there might be some rules issues with it. I mean, Anderson Silva beating on you with a titanium rod? I have to think that might be cause for concern; just sayin'.