In wake of recent injuries, Strikeforce cancels November 3rd event


    In the wake of the devastating injuries to headliners Frank Mir and Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, Strikeforce has been forced to cancel its proposed November 3rd event as suspected. With rumors circling abound that the promotion would soon fold, speculation may prove to be true. However, Showtime and Strikeforce officials have not confirmed any shutdown of the promotion’s fights, stating the following:

    “Due to a series of injuries, we were forced to cancel the upcoming card on Nov. 3, but are already working to put together a stacked card in January. While we’re disappointed with the cancellation, we are looking forward to an even bigger Strikeforce event on Showtime early next year.”  – via

    Stating that an even bigger Strikeforce event will be planned than one featuring a former UFC champion versus one of the very few truly relevant MMA fighters Strikeforce has left is quite ambitious. Gilbert Milendez and Luke Rockhold may have the chance to make waves in the UFC right away. Many have already been calling for Cormier to make his way to the UFC and ply his trade against the best Heavyweights in the world, but technically he must fulfill his contract with Showtime. Who will he face? Who can he face that is worthwhile?

    It seems as if Strikeforce is folding fast, something that most fans knew was merely on the horizon when Zuffa purchased it back in 2011. Strikeforce truly has little popularity left save for their new superstar in Ronda Rousey.  Perhaps it may be time for the promotion to leave their event planning to someone like the UFC. Canceled events are never a good thing for the progression of MMA as a sport, something that Dana White is obviously very focused on. Should they just get it over with? 

    • It’s all Jon Jones’ fault

    • poor cormier

    • None of this would have happened if they’d given Tim Sylvia the fight he wanted…

    • DC, homie. Cormier.

    • i say all fighters agreed to pull out in order to merge ufc and strikeforce once and for all

    • I love a good conspiracy!

    • whats the point of strikeforce anyway?
      Is it just lame tv deals that keep it going and preventing its fighting from playing in the majors?