Ian McCall: Embarrassed In His Performance

Ian McCall: Embarrassed In His Performance


I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard an FOTN winner complain about his fight and say of a performance that he was “embarrassed”, but nonetheless, that’s Ian McCall’s assessment of his UFC 163 fight with Iliarde Santos.

Personally, I thought it was a great performance and a great fight and that “Uncle Creepy” has nothing to be embarrassed about; hence the FOTN award.

However, McCall saw the fight differently and actually thought he had lost the bout, saying of it “I guess I’m just used to losing in the UFC with decisions.” To this end, when the winner was announced Ian went to walk away from the Octagon’s center believing that they had announced Santo’s name, only to be yanked back by Mario Yamasaki as he raised McCall’s hand.  

Regardless of his disappointment in not finishing his opponent, Uncle Creepy has now garnered his first UFC win and is back in the mix at 125 pounds. With that said, McCall rejected any notions of him being ready for another title-shot and feels that he must rack up another 2 or 3 wins before he’s even be considered for another crack at the belt.

He’s an eminently likeable fellow and a blast to watch and I’m grateful to the Brazilian judges for not having rendered a “hometown” decision at bout’s end and for giving Uncle Creepy the victory that he (well) earned.

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    Thought it was a great fight, nothing to be embarrassed of.