2 Days with Nick Diaz’s WAR MMA” is 21 minutes of insight into the “420” friendly promotion. The first 15 minutes is a must see.

If you don’t have time, here’s a synopsis:

Headquarters is Nick’s house. Most of the last minute tweaking of the show takes place in the kitchen, which is replete with a bong, marijuana poster, hash pipe, bench press, heavy bag, knife throwing target, fridge etc.

As the video kicks off Jonathan Tweedale, head (?) of Nick Diaz Productions (“we don’t do formal titles”) is off to “Buffalo Wild Wings” for the weigh-ins, which (just) happens to coincide with “happy hour”. Once there, as Tweedale points out, “this is a pub…maybe even the commissioner is having a few…there’s no hurry. We can just chill and relax.”

The event was so relaxed that one fighter put a pint back before his weigh-in (at least I think he was a fighter) and Nick himself, was a no-show for his own event. This annoyed one of the local media, who tried to explain to Tweedale that the press release stated that Diaz would be at the weigh-ins. Tweedale in reply, stated that Nick didn’t want to be paraded around and that the fighters were the stars. The debate continued until it fizzled out, with neither appreciating the other’s point-of-view.

Next, we find ourselves back at WAR headquarters the day of the fight, where Tweedale and company are battling internet hackers who are trying to shut-down the live (WAR) stream and dealing with their stress by smoking pot out of a massive bong. Tweedale himself, asks if there is any tobacco in the bong and when told no, but that it’s “resin” that’s being smoked, takes a pass on a hit and gets back to work; gripping stuff.


From there it’s off to the fights and Nick’s first appearance in the film, at the 15:00 minute mark. Beyond that, there’s not much more.

“2 Days” is a must see if you're a Diaz fan or simply like watching people do bong hits on camera. I give it 5 arm-bars out of 5 arm-bars.