WulaliBieke BaheiBieke and Yang JianBing are not household names in North America to be sure, but nonetheless, they are the two fighters that were in the Octagon for Herb Dean’s first refereeing duties in mainland China.

Dean was in China plying his officiating duties for the MMA promotion “Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation” and in this, his debut outing for the brand, Dean played officiate to an entertaining flyweight match.

As is the case with most flyweight matches, the bout was a well-paced and showcased one fighter who looked as if he wouldn’t be out of sorts in the UFC’s 125 pound division; WulaliBieke BaheiBieke. In a word, this fighter can “bang”.

For the most part the match was all BaheiBieke. From pretty much the bell’s ringing to the fight being waived off, it was all BaheiBieke. He was all over his opponent and demonstrated some truly brutal ground-and-pound.

By the end of the fight his opponent was a bloody mess. BaheiBieke had opened up a cut JianBing in the last minute of the first and in the second round he went to town on the wound. Sadly, BaheiBieke was robbed of what was surely an assured victory, when he hit his opponent in the head with an illegal soccer kick. Subsequent to that, the fight was stopped and ruled a no contest; round two.

As there isn’t much in the way of fights to watch this weekend, LowKicker’s might enjoy this match. It’s got some great G’ n P, an awesome body slam and is overall a pretty messy affair by the time it’s stopped. It certainly would have been an enjoyable fight on either a UFC or Bellator card.

Finally and if there’s a special note on this fight, it has to be Yang JianBing. This young Chinese fighter is tough. He pretty much took a beating in the match, but he hung in there and wasn’t giving up. Had the soccer kick not happen he probably would have kept going, but regardless, it’s likely that he would have suffered a doctor’s stoppage sometime before the end of the fight; his cut was pretty bad and right over his left eye. That said, Yang JianBing is a trooper.

Video courtesy of MMAHeat.com