Liz Carmouche takes to the Octagon Saturday night for her 2nd UFC fight and the first women’s bout on FOX. Meeting her in the ring that night is fellow bantamweight and UFC newcomer Jessica Andrade.

In her interview with Ariel Helwani, there was the usual talk of what she’s expecting in the way of the fight, what she thought of her last bout and loss (to Ronda Rousey) and what she’s hoping to take away from this fight should she win, which of course, would be re-match with division champion Rousey.

However, half-way-through the interview Helwani raised the issue of the fighter’s sexuality (both she and Andrade are lesbians) and asked Carmouche whether or not she was “liked” the attention that the subject was getting and noting that it had become part of the “story-line” of the fight; at least in the media’s eyes.    

In responding, Carmouche remarked that she has mixed feelings on the subject and is glad that it gives the “LBT community…positive attention”, but at the same time she does not “want it to detract from it…(or) to take away from the fight and what the fight is itself.”

To her final point I’d have to agree. I think the issue of a fighter’s sexuality (male or female) is irrelevant to the task at hand and as a fan I could care less, about it.

On this point and as much as anything, I find it bizarre that the media even cares or that Ariel (himself) would raise the subject and that he did it twice; as he asked Andrade the same questions.

Again, I don’t think fans care about these matters and that they are only interested in who’s beating who and not who’s sleeping with whom and that the media shouldn’t bother fighters with these types of questions.

I take my hat off to both ladies for handling the Q & A as well as they have / did and now that the subject has been dealt with, perhaps it can be put aside and the media can get back to discussing MMA.