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Have Your Say: Greatest Moment In MMA History


Everyone has a moment in MMA that stands out above all others in their memory, a time when they felt connected to the sport. Whether it is through a moment of unwavering courage, heartbreaking defeat or just an amazing fight; we’ve all got one.

As always, I like to give the esteemed ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen) a chance to get involved and have their say on such matters. If you want to have your say heard, simply leave your argument in the comments section and I will whip up a cool article with some video footage of your favorite moment in MMA. As usual, the stronger/funnier/unique you make your argument, the more likely I am to notice it.

My all time favorite moment in MMA goes way back to UFC Brazil in 1998 where a young Vitor Belfort squared off against the Chute Box product Wanderlei Silva. This was before the days of The Axe Murderer running the Pride MW division and both Belfort and Silva were 5-1 in their budding careers.

The match itself was merely 44 seconds long, not even enough time to boil a kettle; yet what I witnessed that day likely got me hooked on the sport of MMA. I had watched UFC events before that night, and enjoyed them, but the power of that moment really drew me in.

The round started cautiously, both men circling with Wandy waiting for the opportunity to counter punch. Silva would soon learn that Belfort is the last guy that you want to let land the first punch.

Belfort started with a flush left straight, followed by about 20 more lightning fast straight punches to the head. Silva seemed to float backwards across the cage, as Belfort continued his vicious assault.

At the time, I remember thinking back to the greatest boxing knockouts that I had ever witnessed. I also remember thinking that this Vitor Belfort kid just topped most of those, his hand speed was awe inspiring.

The finish came as the referee stepped in to mercifully halt the punishment, Silva’s protesting just added to the moment; it was testament to the size of Silva’s heart. Hard to believe that less than a minute of fighting, in Brazil, with two Brazilians going at it would start my life consuming addiction to the sport of MMA.

Just in case you forgot what the fight looked like, here is a Killer Instict remix of their famous bout, courtesy of BarokObamama’s youtube feed:

  • After months of trash talk..and Dan Henderson saying nothing back…at 3 minutes 20 seconds of the second round, the most viewed, enjoyed and devastating knockout in MMA history…literally jumped out of my chair as Bisping hit the canvas and physically winced as Henderson dropped the completely unnecessary but oh so satisfying final blow.

    • Yeah, that was a great one. I jumped in the air with you, that night.

    • I wonder what the difference is between Paul Harris and his leglock holding and Hendo's unnecessary puch, why one is banned and the other rewarded?

      • One had a history of such(3rd time and suspended once) and one, was his first time to do it. Not to defend Dan, but I'd rather get hit while out than suffer that pain while awake and fully aware.

        • Dan was also rewarded with KO of the year though. Palhares was critisized from his first situation.

      • The answer to that is pretty basic. In one, the ref had signaled the fight was over, in the other he hadn't done that yet.

        If Dan had punched Bisping again, while the ref was trying to stop him, then it would be a valid comparison.

        • not so clear. Dan knew that the second punch was unnecessary paul harris says he stopped when the ref told him, the point is both are bad and punishments or reprimands should be consistent but they are not.

          • and btw cranstyle is girl Gungfu 🙂

          • KF, Cranestyle is correct. I watched both tapes. RP is still pulling while the ref is on the ground pulling back against him. Henderson hits Bisping and the ref is no where to be seen. Condit hit an unconscious Kim Dong Hyun 7 times before the ref got to him. Henderson and Condit did not break a rule. RP did break a rule. That is the difference.

          • Many have continued with a few punches after the ref is pulling on them so don't give me that crap. fact is Palhares quit within a second of being pulled.

          • I mean no disrespect Michael. I read through my last post and it seems harshish to me so sorry about that. I think your Points are valid just not remembering all the times extra punches are thrown even with a ref right there pulling on them. Takes a second for some guys to stop especially if they think the guy they are fighting is able to make a strong comeback or is dangerous stylistically for them.

          • An extra punch is unlikely to end a fighter's career. Or cause him to go months without training. And an extra punch or 2 often happens because there is no big red light on the guys forehead that will flash when he's KO'd. However a very obvious tapout does make it clear to everyone present this fight is over and you can let go.

            We all know if a guy is tapping violently, throwing his arm up and down as fast as he can and making it very clear. Then no fighter needs to hold the submission till the ref gets his hands on them. If we can all see it then the ref can see it. And if a guy tried to act like he didn't really tap, the ref wouldn't let him get away with it.

          • Punches have killed people my friend and subs haven't yet in sports.

        • Thats happened many times in the UFC and Strikeforce though. Guy lands a few punches while the ref is on him.

      • The reason Hendo's punch is totally different from Paul Harris leg lock is because everyone knows a striking finish works differently from a submission finish. It is accepted that you can keep punching until the ref starts wedging himself between you and your opponent. Because we have all seen many times a fighter appear to be out. And then he snaps back into gear. Or one of the punches seems to wake him up. Or when a guy fakes being out on his feet against the cage. Like Wandy tried with Chuck. If you know he's out cold from a strike you can choose to leave him there while the ref rushes over. But you don't have to.

        With submissions that are not chokes, and will break bones or destroy tendons. It is good sportsmanship to not crank it as hard and fast as you can, because that would usually break it immediately. Probably before the fighter even has a chance to tap out. Once it's locked in you slowly crank it more and more until he taps. You can be fast about cranking it to the point before breakage, where you know they can't squirm out. But if they all just crank hard and fast the bone or joint would be destroyed every time before a referee could get there.

        • So freaking what. It's part of the sport. You might as well take away the bread and butter of some fighters. Tell Dan he can't punch as hard as he can then. You need to go in there and realize you could lose your arm or leg. The difference between Nog getting his arm broken and mike Pierce is that Nog isn't a b i t c h and did not tap until it was needed. Basically Palhares is being punished because Mike was more of a pus s y.

  • IMO its got to be Fedor vs Crocop intensified by the refs cam.

  • Greatest moment and not fight?

    Anderson Silva tapping out Chael Sonnen, that was a pretty amazing moment, when we consider Sonnen dominated him for 5 rounds.

    Cheick Kongo KO of Pat Berry was a pretty great moment.

    Scott Smith's KO of Pete Sell, that was pretty sweet.

    Nick Diaz dropping Paul Daley / Nick Diaz dropping Robbie Lawler

    Anthony Pettis's "Showtime" Kick

    The standing, reverse triangle choke from a north-south position, in Bellator a couple years back. Sadly, I can't remember the fighter who sunk it in, but that was simply amazing.

    Fabricio Werdum's tapout Fedor Emelianenko, most assuredly…and then perhaps Dan Henderson's KO of Fedor, too.

    • lol and Randy smashing Tim Silvia the big goof.

    • Oh and Diaz coming back from destruction to gogoplata Gomi in Pride was one of my favorites.

    • Toby Imada did the standing inverted guillotine. Kind of faded off the map since then, never really went on any significant winning streaks, what have you…

  • Anderson's triangle on the first Sonnen fight….Minotauros arm bar on Sapp…..Machida winning the belt…Hendo KOing Bisping…..Lesnar coming back to submit Carwin….that whole Jones x Gus fight…Rickson in Japan…Cain beating Lesnar the way he did…..Werdum vs Fedor…Silva x Sinnen 2 ( that one made me almost crap im my pants)…..royces first tounement…..any live Fedor fight…..

    • Cain beating Lesnar was definitely up there for me too.

  • Even though it's not my personal favorite (though it is Dana White's), overall I'd have to go with Hughes vs. Trigg II. It really had everything. There was lots of buildup to the fight, and the angry faceoff at the beginning that showed how much they really disliked each other to continue building the tension. Then there was an illegal hit to the groin the ref didn't see, and a poor show of sportsmanship on Trigg's part by trying to capitalize on it. He locks in the RNC, takes Hughes to the absolute edge, then Matt makes a comeback out of nowhere. He runs and slams him on the ground, beats the crap out of him and chokes him out with the same choke he'd almost gotten submitted by. The fight could go down just like that for a Hollywood movie and you wouldn't have to change a thing. Amazing to watch.

  • There are almost too many to name. Jones vs. Gustafsson was one of the best because you finally saw someone who could actually damage Jones.

    It was great when Randy Couture came back and taught the boring Tim Sylvia a lesson for the belt.

    And Hendo vs. Shogun was the best fight I've ever seen.

    • The fact that you finally saw someone who could actually damage Jones is literally the only reason Jones vs. Gustaffson is memorable at all. It was an average fight at best. I'm tired of hearing about it.

      • yea, I think it had a lot to do with the humbling of Jones as well. The slug fest with Rua and Henderson was better IMO.

  • Little Royce beating a much bigger Kimo. Incredible.

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  • Shogun vs Henderson
    Maynard vs Edgar
    Chael calling out Silva after Brian Stann win
    Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen was the fight that made MMA religion for me.

  • The second GSP vs Hughes fight

    • Before Serra fight GSP was actually quite good to watch.

  • Anderson vs Sonnen, Griffin vs Bonnar, Vitor vs Tank(big deal back in the day), Dan vs Bisping, Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle, Chuck vs Randy, Faber vs Brown 2, Silva vs Henderson, Benson vs Cowboy, Fedor vs Arona, Dan vs Wand, Coleman vs Pedro, Don Frye vs anyone.