On this day of thanks, we here at LowKick would love to give a big shout out to all of our fans and supporters. You guys are some of the best and most passionate MMA fans around, and ultimately the community is what keeps LowKick ticking.

MMA is blowing up right now and 2013 has arguably been the most exciting year in the young sport’s history. We can’t be more excited to see where the future takes us and we’re glad to have all of you as members along for the fun-filled ride.

LowKick will be expanding as MMA does, so we encourage you to keep commenting adding fanposts, socializing, and just sharing your overall thoughts on the greatest sport in the world.

Myself and the rest of the LK staff want to wish you a wholehearted and very Happy Thanksgiving! May you and all your friends and family enjoy the day to the fullest! We appreciate your continued support with the utmost sincerity.

Thanks for being you.

Mike Drahota

Chief Editor, LowKick MMA