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Gustafsson not waiting for title shot; ready to step in for Henderson


Fresh off of his victory against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Alexander Gustafsson has staked his claim as the #1 contender to Jon Jones’ light heavyweight title. However, unlike Johny Hendricks, the Swede won’t be waiting around for a title shot. As a matter of fact, if Dan Henderson isn’t ready to go against Lyoto Machida at UFC 157.

“I want to stay active, and I want to fight,” said Gustafsson after his victory at UFC on Fox. “I’ll fight whenever. I was away for a long time. The last time I fought was in April, and that was too long. To wait till summer again, that would be too long.”

Gustafsson had been relatively inactive over the past year as the Shogun fight was only his second in the last 12 months. His other victory against Thiago Silva in April. But considering that he’s still often considered a prospect, Gustafsson is likely in need of some more fights before he steps into the cage with a dominant fighter like Jon Jones. Dana White agrees. “If I was him, I’d want to get another fight in before taking on Jon Jones,” White said. “He could fight again. I’m hearing Dan Henderson’s knee isn’t better, so maybe Gustafsson should fight Machida next.”

Word is that Dan Henderson’s condition may prevent him from facing Machida on February 23. If that’s the case, Gustafsson says he will gladly step in and face Machida. This isn’t to say he doesn’t want the title shot, he just isn’t going to sit around a wait for it.

“I want to fight for the belt, and if they give me one before that, it doesn’t matter. I’ll fight whoever the UFC gives me.”

  • More guys need to do this. I mean if you feel you can beat the champ then what harm is there in fighting someone not as good as him to further hon your skills?

  • Not bad. This guy means business.

  • Yeah. I think that's cool that he's ready to fight again and Machida no less. That is a dangerous fight for anyone to take, but it makes sense at the same time. Having the extra confidence of having beat two prior champions before fighting the current champion can't be bad.

  • Gus needs to do a clinic on Saturdays to teach fighters that sitting on the sidelines and bitching that want a title shot is re-fucking-tarded, LOL. Just keep fighting, sharpening your skills, winning, and presto- you'll get you're chance. I think he could use another fight or two before he fights Jones. Bones definitely has more weapons in his toolbox than Gus does. It'll be interesting to see Jones fight someone and not have an insane reach advantage.

  • Very cool…. More Money….

  • I do like the fact that he's not prepared to wait and would rather stay active…..BUT….be careful what you wish for…..i mean….it's not like there's no chance Machida could beat him cos it's a very real possibility…..Machida is still a very viable threat to anyone in the LHW division…..and if he were to lose to Lyoto that would ruin any title shot that he has already earned…..i do respect the fact that he's prepared to take on a fighter of Machidas calibre…..and risk his title aspirations in the process though……

    Tbh though……i think Machida would be a much harder fight than Rua was for Gustafsson……we all know by now how difficult an opponent Machida can be……difficult to take down…. (much more so than Rua who doesn't mind being taken down)……hard to hit……and a devastating offence…..i know you can train for an opponents particular style but Machida is very hard to emulate and i just really see Gustafsson having a hard time with him……

    Fair play to Gustafsson though for saying he would rather fight than sit around waiting for the title shot that he has already been promised. I like Gustafsson and he is a great fighter too but we wont know just how good untill he takes on some of these guys…..tbf though, i thought Rua would beat him…..AND convicingly…..so……