GSP: “Something Special” For Hendricks

GSP: “Something Special” For Hendricks


“Showdown” Joe Ferraro caught up with welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 162 and asked him whether or not he was working on anything “special” for his upcoming bout with Johnny Hendricks (November 17 in Vegas).

The Champion stated:

“I have something special I’m working on right now. I can’t really talk about it…it is something that I should have done a long time ago and it’s something I lacked a lot in my game. It’s going to be good.”

Although remaining tight-lipped about what that “something special” might be, GSP made a fist with his right hand and motioned it into his open left palm. He also emphasized the word “lacked” while discussing the special something.

The smart deduction would be that “Rush” is working on his striking power and that his use of the word “lacked” is a telling sign of self-criticism and self-awareness. The issue of GSP’s lack of power is probably even more acute (right now) as his next opponent (“Big Rig”) is renowned for it. My guess is, that Rush wants to be more than the “jab guy, takedown guy” that Hendricks believes him to be.

If this is true and GSP has decided to spend the next 4 months working on his KO power, then surely this will be good news to his fans, for even the most ardent ones seem to be growing restless with the champ’s lack of finish.

On another note, Rush came out in full favor of “VADA” (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) testing and will be having himself tested by the organization in the lead-up to his next fight. Further, the champ said that he would like to “invite” Big Rig to submit to VADA rules too, as well as all high-profile fighters. GSP says “it’s a good thing, a pain in the butt” but it will set a good example and help eliminate cheating, which is something (as Showdown noted) GSP has been accused of in the past  

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  • Anwargoku

    If he really is working on the lack of power. Its really not the right time to test it. Hendrix already got a tone of power and if GSP decided to trade blows cause he worked on it and Freddie roach told him that:"Before you hit like a girl and now you hit like crazy" GSP is going to sleep.
    I hope for him that Its something else he's been working on. Like submitting people once on top position.

    • Nemesis

      it's gotta be some kind of new hug or something…

  • Entity

    I keep saying, if GSP will step up his submissions he'll be scary. He can dominate guys on the ground and dictate where the fight takes place.

    • Brian Cox

      When it comes to his ground-game of late, it's all about his control and G 'n P, with very little Jiu Jitsu. I'd like to see him start using it and being aggressive about it. It might serve George will to partake in an ADCC tournament. Get out there and grapple with the best in a tournament …see how he does. I'd love to see that, win or lose.

      GSP fan over-and-out.

      • Entity

        Good thought, I hadn't thought of him entering BJJ tournaments.
        I suppose thats ok under the Zuffa banner?

        • Brian Cox

          I believe any UFC fighter can do an ADCC tournament.

  • highkick12

    Hope its not that special beating he had planned for Diaz. Man that was scary….

    • Brian Cox

      …as a GSP fan, I laugh with you.

  • xcityofemberx

    Something special: No more dry *******… Wet and wild ******* this time…

  • therumblemma

    He's been working on his new move…..ies …. Oh yeah I'm a damn funny guy!!! deal with it or what bro? You wana lift about it!! OH HOW I LOVE WEED :)

  • akieyugames

    Just like when he said that he is giving Nick Diaz a beatdown the UFC has never seen before…I'm a GSP fan, but man, just do your thing, I would love to see Hendrix out-wrestled.