UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre just can’t seem to shake the backlash of his ultra-controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks at last Saturday’s UFC 167.

Truth be told, he may have added fuel to the fire when he said he was “stepping away” from mixed martial arts for awhile, giving no set return date or a concrete reason for his absence.

The announcement of course prompted rampant media speculation from a whole host of outlets. GSP was rumored to have a baby on the way, his father was reportedly dying, and St. Pierre was even rumored to be battling substance abuse. But gossip site TMZ, who originally reported many of the rumors GSP has shot down, recently caught up with St. Pierre to get his current take on all the media buzz:

“Oh yeah, the rumors. No, I’m by myself, alone, having a good life. I’m not a dad, I’m not in rehab, and my father is not dying. Everybody is happy. I’m fine. I’m tip-top shape, just I bruise easy. I’ll be training when I go back to Montreal on Monday.” - transcribed by MMA Weekly

So if GSP is indeed in top shape, is he still stepping away from MMA for the time being? His answer:

“Yeah, I’m stepping out, but I’ll be training for myself.”

Apparently he’s still taking a step back from the sport he loves but he’ll be training on his own. Strange, especially since he refutes each and every rumor that has surfaced about him. He also admitted to bruising easily, saying that he is fine.

If that is the case, why not clear up the situation?

Maybe because St. Pierre himself doesn’t know what his next move will be. Regardless, the speculation has reached a fever pitch with Hendricks and Dana White breathing down the champ’s back.

Perhaps they should give him a break. Perhaps he should clarify his intentions.

Either way, as a UFC record holder who makes a strong case for being the best fighter to ever step into the Octagon, does GSP deserve some space to contemplate his next move after the toughest fight of his career? Or does he owe it to the fans, the UFC, and Hendricks to state his intentions right now?

Outer Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie for USA TODAY Sports