Well this is interesting. It seems where there maye just be some accuracy to the allegations Nick Diaz and his camp were making towards Georges, Montreal's athletic commission and the entire weigh-in debacle that happened to make news just following their bout.

As is standard for all athletic commissions, fighters are required to weigh-in for championship bouts at or below the appropriate weight limit.

According to St. Pierre however - who recently spoke with the french media site La Presse - he now says that he believes he did weigh-in above the required limit:

"They came to us just before the weigh-ins and even I was surprised. They told us they were going to be rounding (down to the nearest pound). I was as surprised as Nick Diaz,"

GSP said he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it amounted to 170.4 pounds. The Quebec Board then rounded his weight down to 170 pounds, the limit for the March 16 bout.

This is interesting seeing as how the Montreal athletic commission stated on record that no such discrepancies existed at the weigh-in.

Although they've already requested that an investigation be done, there has been no word yet on whether the UFC or Diaz' camp will take any further action to follow up on this recent bit of information.

What seemed to become a non-issue has now been given some wind in its sails. Stay tuned to Lowkick.com for more information on this story.