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GSP Shoots Down Claims Of G.O.A.T Status


Former welterweight champion and now newly minted middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre did the unthinkable when he defeated Michael Bisping at UFC 217.

Now sporting two belts and a 26-2 record in MMA, many fans have concluded that GSP is the greatest of all-time in terms of mixed martial arts, a claim GSP himself rejects entirely.

St-Pierre revealed his thoughts on his GOAT status at a recent conference call interview (via MMA Junkie):

“There’s no such thing as the greatest of all time. It doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion.”

“Even though you’re the best, it doesn’t mean you’re not going lose,” St-Pierre said. “And it doesn’t mean nobody’s going to beat you. For example, I fought Michael Bisping Saturday night, at Madison Square Garden. In that particular night, at that particular moment, at that particular place, I beat Michael Bisping. But that doesn’t mean if I fight him tomorrow that he’s not going to beat me.”

True to his humble nature, GSP deflected the GOAT claim and offered up his own interpretation.

But while Saint Pierre may scoff at the idea, many fans and pundits alike have him among the all-time greats. The most dominant champion and most dominant welterweight in MMA and UFC history takes four years off only to come back and win the middleweight title? He’s simply peerless when it comes to GOAT discussion.

How do you rank GSP among the greatest of all-time?

  • Peter Dinklage

    Class. If only other Champions had half this mans class ufc would be a better place.

  • Shane Rene

    Gotta love how respectful GSP is.

    • FeministFriendly

      Yeah that was real respectful being half of the bisping/GSP debacle that disrespected the whole 185 division for a year.

      That acting all humble now act doesn’t change that any more then bispings does.

      Some people might say that at least he’s not talking all kinds of wild isht like Bisping did, but the phoney humble thing might be even more offensive.

      He wants people to pat him on the back for acting so sweet and humble.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Bahahaha you’re an idiot, you clearly must be 5 yrs old or you would know that this is what GSP has been like his entire career before, during and after the UFC!!!

        He doesn’t want anything from people you loser, where did he say that! He doesn’t need shit, his record and accomplishments do all the talking for him, while he sleeps in his million dollar pad. While you sleep on mom and dads couch in the basement!!!

        Why so mad little girl?!? Snif snif, did GSP not sing your head ban?!? Lmao idiot

  • Draven

    greatest of all time = charlie zelenoff.

  • Grave Danger

    Get him in the ring with McGreggor and shut that big headed over talker up.

  • Grave Danger

    Only other fighter as good as him with this much class was / is Fedor. 2 Best of all time in my opinion quite comfortably. John Jones was there till the drugs and Anderson Silva dropped a few places because of the way he loses not the fact he lost.

    • Matt Dorse

      Also steroids for Silva. I completely agree with your assesment. If DJ fights and beats TJ then hes there too.

      • FeministFriendly

        If DJ beats TJ, that’ll be the first measure of how good or not DJ really is IMO becasue of the 125 class.

        I’d almost start counting from there.

  • André Amorim

    In my opinion the GOAT is the fighter that always make GSP stay in the WW division! Every time they say to GSP if he wants to fight Anderson, GSP would say that he’s too small for the division, but now that Anderson is not the champion anymore, guess in what division GSP is?

    Anderson Silva the only real GOAT!!

    • FeministFriendly

      Now tell me who made anderson refuse to budge from a cleared out 185 division years past clearing it out instead of moving up. Because he just couldn’t jeopardize his good friendship with Jon Jones?

      Or Lyoto Machida, or anybody who wasn’t James Irvin.

      Not saying anderson wasn’t very skilled, but he’s a weasely shiester who’s actual accomplishments weren’t that great.

      • André Amorim

        If I’m not wrong Anderson Silva went 4 times to LHW division, and beat the shit out of one former LHW campion, and with 2 days notice, almost TKO the current LHW champion with a kick, so wtf are you talking about?

        • FeministFriendly

          I’m talking about the reason they kept on giving him scrubs at 205 was bcasue there wasn’t anybody else for him to fight at 185!

          It was cleared out!
          Had been for a year or two by then.

          And he DID beat lower scrubs at 205, becasue thats were he belonged at. He wasn’t too small.

          So why did he refuse to move up to 205 and kept hanging around in a cleared out division? Waiting on the champion from a smaller weight class to fight him?

          And as far as that DC fight,
          he’s lucky man-love had a boneur for him or it would have been much worse then getting humped into bolivian.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Almost tko’d Cormier?! Wtf Fight were you watching?! He fought a 1 dimensional brawler in Griffin who has zero real boxing skill and NO wrestling, he fought Bonner another 1 dimensional bum who like Griffin runs forward with no real stand up skill and he fought Irvin basically a MW at LHW and then we all seen why he didn’t move up to LHW to fight people his own size, Bc he didn’t have to size and strength adv. anymore, and Bc most LHW’s were great wrestlers. Got spanked 6 of 7 rounds by Sonnen who should have been finished in 2 rounds MAX! Weidman showed him who was stronger in the clinch and got KTFO and Cormier didn’t want to hurt Silva since he took the fight on days notice! Had that been a planned fight Silva would have been TKO’d Bc unlike Sonnen Cormier would have hurt Silva from GnP!

          Silva was gifted his last win, that he actually lost to barely a top 15 and now he tested positive (most likely) a 2nd time!!!

          Cote, Maia, Leites, Lutter, Sonnen X2, all guys who should have been finished in the 1st round! How many were?!? Yeah that MW division vs. plenty of smaller and lesser skilled opponents, what an accomplishment!!! Bahahahaha

    • Kris-tyahn

      Maybe you should do some research – the ONLY time GSP was offered Silva fight was when he came back after 4 yrs off! He was not asked to fight Silva ever, the fans may have wanted it or whatever. It’s called google or YouTube I’m sure your mom can help you!

      GSP also took years to add the weight properly, again maybe know what you’re talking about before pretending Bc you just look like a NOOB! GSP was an avg size WW, while Silva was a pretty big LHW, yet wanted to fight smaller, weaker bums in a “stacked” MW division…. Bahahaha! LOL I can’t even keep my thoughts from LOL at that comment!

      Silva wanted GSP, so why is it up to GSP to move up and be inconvenienced?! Bc Anderson PED Silva said so?! I can only imagine what idiots like you would say if GSP called out a smaller LW champ and said he had to move up to WW and fight him. You’re an idiot! Stick to coloring books little girl!!!

  • Erick Miranda

    Real Goat is Ben arksen

  • ShawnKarr

    Good on GSP for being humble and realistic. This is like when Couture beat Sylvia, everyone was calling him the goat. The fact is, which later became obvious, was that Couture won the hwt belt the only time he could of. GSP did the same, he would’ve gotten absolutely destroyed by any other top middleweight.
    What GSP has accomplished is still incredible though. However, imo, the discussion of goat is between Spider, Jones, DJ and Fedor.

    • Matt Dorse

      3 different failed drug tests with your first 2…

      • ShawnKarr

        Spider was recovering from a greusome leg injury. Has never tested positive any other time. Jones has no excuse, just a dumb move.
        It’s the careless ones that get caught, you’re kidding yourself if you think GSP and most others aren’t using. They simply have access to better stuff.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Yeah everyone must be using Bc they have better means of getting away with it! Stfu you moron! It’s called hard work genius, not everyone needs to cheat like Jones and Anderson X2 for both!

          Until I see a positive test on GSP, Conor, DJ, Stipe, Woodley etc., I think I’ll take USADAS word over yours. You’re such an idiot it’s actually funny bahahahaha

          • ShawnKarr

            Kristy-Ann, I want to thank you for taking GSPs balls out of your mouth long enough to respond to my comment. I’m guessing by your handle picture and attacking anyone who dares say GSP isn’t the greatest ever…that you’re a fan. No harm in that. GSP is indeed a great fighter, so great in fact, that I’m sure he don’t need defending from some immature fan bitch.
            Now get back to tugging it to that sexy kermet the frog voice.