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GSP: Anderson Silva used to fight at 168


A very beat-up looking Georges St-Pierre is interviewed by Inside MMA directly after his defining unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit at last weekend’s UFC 154. He states that Carlos Condit was one of his toughest opponents to date. When asked about the obvious topic of fighting Anderson Silva, he focused on the weight issue and discussed how Anderson Silva once fought at 168 lbs. St-Pierre has silenced his critics with a hard-fought win over the interim champ and will now most likely move on to the most high profile fight in the history of the UFC.

  • He’s right but that was a long time ago and as you get older it gets harder and harder to cut.
    That being said, Silva rarely has any trouble cutting and is maybe even slimmed in the last couple of years

  • silva is about to be 38!! stop dodging that old man gsp

  • Even if Greg Jackson oils up GSP and lets him hump the best training partners for six months there is no way George can outstrike Silva..

    This will be a one sided beating. There is only one fight I’m interested in and that is Jones vs Silva.

    I want the fastest youngest strongest most athletic fighter to challenge silva and that is Bones.

    George is too small to face Silva and clearly got beaten up by condit. EVene geroge admits it was a 50/50 beating

  • Yea, that whole 30 seconds where Condit had success made it 50/50.

  • Way to go, Georges. Silva is about to be 38.

    I’ll never forgive Dan “The Beast” Severn for unintentionally introducing the art of ‘Lay and Pray’ to the MMA world when he fought Royce Gracie.

    P.S. Ironically, Dan was a good finisher.

  • “Used to fight at 168”?? So did Brock Lesnar. That doesn’t mean he can come down. Anderson is older and it gets harder to get down in weight with age. I’m one of the minority that sees GSP taking this if it is fought at 170 but I don’t think that arguement works.

  • Even if Anderson could get down to 168, there’s no guarantee that GSP could cut the extra 2 pounds.

  • onemoreretard, shut up

  • How do you explain Sonnen landing more punches on Anderson than all previous fighters and more than Anderson landed on Chael? Anderson is not perfect. Anderson (a 10/10 striker and 4/10 wrestler) is beatable by GSP (an 8/10 striker and a 10/10 wrestler). I’m not saying GSP would win (although I do think so), I’m saying that you should be more careful writing GSP off so easily.

  • Meet at 177 or 78… problem solved.

  • Michael, I can tell you how Sonnen hit Silva that much: Roids and the goat with a damaged rib……but all was cleared in the second fight….GSP vs Silva should not happen…..I would rather see GSP fight agains a top MW and the Goat vs Jones.

  • I’d almost want to bet that the fight will happen below 178.

    Here’s why – Anderson wants the fight. GSP is ready to entertain the thought. Advantage GSP in the negotiation. He has something Anderson wants. I think the 178 mark, will be seen (by GSP’s camp) as an opening bid. I think by the time the haggling is done, Anderson will end up settling on something between 173 /174. I do not see GSP taking this fight at Anderson’s opening offer of 178. IMO, at any rate.

  • I think Silva’s range would be too much.

  • That old man walks HW over 225 on the street.For me if you walk HW you are HW.Respect to GSP he is not scared of Silva at all i like fighters vredy to fight any one dosent mater the sise.Anderson was fighting 168 he was chicken back days that wuy he foght Takasse and Chonan in Pride insted of fighting top guys

  • M.Stephensen: I can understand where you’re coming from, however Silva would win without a doubt. Georges’ only advantage in that fight would be his wrestling, but we’ve already seen what A.S has done to every wrestler he has faced thus far. In other words, Silva is a TERRIBLE matchup for him and quite frankly his best option would be to avoid Silva by any means necessary. By the way, a loss to Anderson S. Would not be an indictment of his skillset; it would simply be viewed as a future HOF losing to the greatest fighter of all time.

  • I’ll translate for everybody:

    “I can understand where you’re coming from, however Silva would win without a doubt.”

    -My blind love for Silva will never let me envision a scenario where he is beaten.

    “Georges’ only advantage in that fight would be his wrestling,”

    -His other advantages in speed, striking defense, and all-around grappling will not play a part in a theoretical match up because… **** GSP.

    “By the way, a loss to Anderson S. Would not be an indictment of his skillset; it would simply be viewed as a future HOF losing to the greatest fighter of all time.”

    -A loss for GSP would most certainly keep him behind Silva in the greatest so far race, but a loss for Silva is unfathomable. Eventhough he’s done it 3 times.

    “but we’ve already seen what A.S has done to every wrestler he has faced thus far. “

    -I will continue to overlook the fact that GSP is far greater than every other wrestling based fighter in MMA as stats point out. I will also continue to overlook the fact that Chael Sonnen ( a fighter with less wrestling skill in MMA, borderline terrible submission defense, and an egregious fight IQ) had an incredible amount of success against Anderson outside of two head scratching lapses in judgement.

    There, up to date.

    • @Evan GSP has an advantage in striking defense?? H may be better at techinically blocking the punches but no one in MMA has ever been ale to completely avoid or nulify strikes like Anderson does, he virtually doesn't have to worry about his opponent's power due to his ability to void it… add that to his unbreakable granite chin makes his defense pretty much perfect.

  • Stupid keyboard. invision*

  • Anderson: since you are soooo “game” to make this fight happen, come right down to 170 and let’s do this.

  • I guess you even scored it 50-45 Condit? lol

  • What reach? He’s got like an inch more than GSP…

  • He fought when he was adult, Brock was 168 when he was like 10 years old…

  • Not bad, EH 🙂

  • You know I love you.

  • @UDG – you missed my point.

    You are correct: Anderson is the better striker. GSP is the better wrestler. Anderson has beat all previous wresters….HOWEVER (sorry to yell), Anderson has never fought someone who was as good a wrestler, as good a striker, as good a JJ practitioner, as athletic and as fit cardio-wise as GSP. He isn’t at all like “the other wrestlers”. He does everything well.

    Here: Add it up:

  • Like many American kids he wrestled as a kid. Here is a video with him in about that 168 range as a kid – wrestling.


  • Or just go right to the source – have GSP fight Steven Seagal. Let see half way between Georges and Steven’s weight would be 377 lbs

  • Don’t bring up Segal, please. My biggest fear is that Segal will teach Anderson some new trick, like the snap-kick he taught him for the Belfort fight. Can you imagine if Segal pulls out the straight-punch and teaches that to Anderson? I just don’t even want to think about it. It gives me the creeps.

  • Quoting Carlos Condit…”His top-game was pretty formidable”.

  • Silva is Scared Hommies!!!! Ask for Jones much better Jones cleaned out LHW So did Silva!!! GSP got Hendrick,Diaz etc