Greg Jackson: Johny Hendricks Is Really Dangerous

Greg Jackson: Johny Hendricks Is Really Dangerous


MMA coach and guru of many UFC stars, Greg Jackson, tells “FightHub TV” that Johny Hendricks is “really dangerous” and that he’s a tough fight for welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre.

Jackson says of GSP that he’s doing great and that he will be ready for “Bigg Rigg”, come November 16th.  Although not in camp right now, as Jackson says of Rush, “he’s kind of always in camp a little bit,  he’s already started thinking about it, I’m sure.”

On the question of whether or not Hendricks is the toughest opponent GSP has faced so far, Jackson said simply “it’s always the guy in front of us”. He noted that Bigg Rigg brings with him great wrestling and power and that he’s a “dangerous combination of things that have been used against Georges.”

Love him or hate him, as many do (personally I like the guy), one has to admit that Jackson readily acknowledges the sills and threats posed to his fighters, by their adversaries. It’s probably part of the reason why he and his camp are so successful.

I believe that Jackson will have GSP well trained for Hendricks and that we could well end-up seeing one of Rush’s best career performances.

I look forward to this fight with great anticipation.

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  • enjoylife321

    Why isn't anyone giving Steven Segal a mention for improving both GSP and Hendricks game? Segal was the guy that also taught Freddie roach how to coach.

    • soiWANNABEafighter

      Glad someone finally told the truth! Few people know the fact Steven S. is actually the biological father of George S.P. and Anderson S. ……. Everyone knows about the suspicion Chuck N. being the Godfather of C.S. but who would admit it since D.W. adopted G.J. in 2010 and then dismissed his biological son C.S.! ……Jesus Christ I am so drunk – I really should go to bed!

      • Entity

        I though I was drunk, all the initials made me dizzy.