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Greg Jackson: Chael Sonnen is tougher than people think


Legendary MMA coach, Greg Jackson, discussed Jon Jones’ upcoming UFC Light Heavyweight title defense against Chael Sonnen, and the challenges of facing the Gangster from West Linn, Oregon. TUF season of Team Sonnen vs. Team Jones will debut on January 22nd, while the actual fight will take place on April 27th in Newark, New Jersey.

  • i never doubted he is tough…just acknowledged his douchbaggery and lay n pray style as lame.

  • Greg Jackson: I was never opposed to Bones fighting Chael when I learnt how much PPV and bonuses was involved. I yelled out to winklejohn in the gym, quick get the calculator, santa claus has arrived early for us

  • I will give Chael mentally tough but not KO power tough.

  • Cheal is not tough. niter mentally nor physically. He is a good wrestler who could never evolve as a fighter. Cheal has been submitted a number of times after dominating the entire fights. Secondly he has never been able to KO in his entire career. Not saying that this is going to be cake walk for Bones but certainly the results are predictable.
    There is only thing that Cheal is good at and that is convincing people that he is smart and extremely intelligent. That's a different thing that I smell Bull Shit every time he opens his mouth! Mark my words, this guy will never will a title.

    • Well, I'll say it for you, it will be a cake walk for Bones.

      • Thanks! I didn't want to be too harsh on Chael's fans. There are not as thick skinned as Cheal.

  • To say chael is not tough is just plain dumb. I am not saying he will beat jones and will most likely never win a UFC title, but have a look at the guys performances in the UFC. Dominating marquart, Yushin okami, Brian stann… Beating Michael bisping (close fight or not that's a big achievement) , beating Paulo Fihlo in the wec, and putting up Anderson's two hardest fights in his UFC career regardless that he got caught and lost. Chael sonnen is damn tough

  • Not to mention he has won 12 of his last 16 fights.

  • Remind me: when was the last time he won a bout? It is one thing running your mouth, and another – being able to back it up.

  • I laugh when Sonnen anti-fans said Sonnen had no chance against Silva but then when he did well against the world's greatest fighter they can't acknowledge that. No bias there.

    • Michael, let's be fair. Anderson has an Achilles heel and it's his wrestling. He is more apt to lose on the ground to a powerful wrestler, particularly one with a ground game, than to any other opponent. Perhaps Belcher might be able to show us something. Perhaps Lombard or Vitor might show us something. However, that smart money is going to be on Weidman and because he's a great wrestler with a ground game.

      Hence Sonnen's own limited success and it was that, limited. Yes, he took him down and did it for six rounds, but he did precious little with it; subbed in the first, fell down, got back up and got Franklined in the second.

      I am no Sonnen hater. I got over it. I think he's an outstanding asset to the promotion and the sport in general. He's hands down the funniest guy in all of MMA. He's the best hype artist in all of MMA. He should teach a course on the art of the hype and self-promotion. However, when it comes to fighting John Jones, the rubber hits the road. He as no chance. Jones has proven to be every bit as devastating on the feet as Silva and he's a bigger and as solid a wrestler, himself. One with a ground game.

      This fight was more geared towards getting The UFC's best promoter on a TV show. The beating and paycheck will be Sonnen's reward. Another high-light reel moment and paycheck will be The Champ's.

      • @ MMA Truth – I'm not addressing Jones vs Sonnen at all. That is a different conversation all together.

        What I'm saying to negatively biases commentators is you can't say Sonnen is lousy, Silva is the best and yet Sonnen hit (not wrestled but standing strikes) Anderson more in their first fight than Anderson received in all his other fights combined. Strikes. Knocked him down twice. Who else has done that.

        Before the straw man bashing criticisms start, what am I not saying: I'm not saying Sonnen is going to beat Jones. I'm not saying Sonnen beat Silva. I'm not saying Sonnen is a great striker. I'm not saying Sonnen is good for the sport.

        What am I saying? I'm saying that Sonnen anti-fans have a regrettable lack of credibility when they claim that Sonnen is no good; a one trick pony as in @FightGame's comment: "Remind me: when was the last time he won a bout?" This ignores that he won five of his last seven fights with the two losses coming at the hands of the world's best fighter. That's all.

        Nice to see you using "Franklined" properly in a sentence. 😉

        • You don't think he's good for the sport? As long as he can stay off PEDs' and out of jail, I think he's great for the sport. And he's no one-trick pony and he doesn't suck. Regardless of that he won't win. I don't see where he can take this fight to win and he doesn't deserve the fight.

          …and go Franklin your self. 🙂

        • dude silva got caught and knocked down because the dude had the power speed and stregnth of 17 men!!!

          • shut the fuck up jrhill, you sound more and more retarded every nut hugging post you make.

          • and if you think you can out predict anyone, lets make a bet. Best predictions out of 3 events, and the winner gets to choose the others main picture for a month.

          • And if you have paypal lets do it for cash?

          • I reiterate, I so endorse this idea!!!!

          • Awesome idea, bet and challenge…HunterB. Great idea, man.

    • man are you stupid michael, i laugh when sonnen fans like you "think" he actually did good againts silva either times. now part 1 sonnen was juiced up to 17-1.that already disquakifies him because even if he had won it would of quickly been changed to no contest. part 2 is even easier to explain… sonnen gets one takedown due to silvas angery swinging..silva comes back in rd. 2 composed and calm, stuffs 2 of sonnens takedowns dodges a spinning backfist and tko sonnen…..what part of that is him doing well againts the worlds greatest fighter?

      • @ Jrhill1990

        In defense of my online colleague and fellow LowKick poster:

        He is not stupid; far from it. He happens to be one of the brighter, more thoughtful, introspective and prolific commentators on this site. One might even call him a LowKick engine. If you understand anything about proclivity, the internet and web sites, such as this one.

        He could well be LowKick’s Ariel Helwani.

        He posts the same passionate, yet, dispassionate, elevated, commentary, per fight, regardless of fight or fighter, devoid of favoritism and all in the same bi-partisan, every fighter is worth respect and consideration, let us all celebrate the sport that we love, sort of way. I might not always agree with his analysis, although, often I do, I most certainly respect the man’s opinion and respect his forthrightness, in stating, so. There are many such posters on this site. All of whom state their IMOs’, banter back and forth, yet, never refer to their online rival as “stupid”
        Disagree with the man, as you wish. However, please, do not call him stupid; for surely, he is not.

  • I'm not buying it. As entertaining as he is and regardless of being the consummate side-show barker, it's all bull-s##t. He has nothing to offer Jones. Jones has fought and crushed the best that 205 has to offer, including 5 consecutive victories over former division Champions. He has demonstrated power and finish on his feet, the ground and up against the cage. Sonnen has demonstrated none.

    Jones is going to run right through him. Based on his track record and the caliber of fighter he is about to take on, I give him zero chance of victory. Sonnen is famous for saying he'll take a fight, which is all that's about to happen. They will close that cage door and re-open it before the five minute mark of the first round and Sonnen will exit with the beating, loss and more importantly, pay-check (million +?) that he expected.

    However, before that happens, we'll all have the privileged of sitting down and watching two legitimate #1 205 contenders, who have / had already earned title shots against Jones, beat the crap out of one-an-other, in a vastly more interesting and entertaining fight, thus eliminating one of those great fighters from immediate contention and leaving us short one great title fight, that / which we should have seen.

    Which, is "pretty much" the same thing we're going to see with Hendricks / Elenberger, should Hendricks lose. The only difference between the two? Most of the MMA world wants to see GSP / Diaz. I don't know how much of the MMA world really ever wanted to see, mused about, considered, day-dreamed, fantasized, hotly debated, campaigned for or lobbied to see Jones / Sonnen. This seems to have been more about a failed card, a failing TV show and two quality fighters who couldn't or wouldn't take a fight when offered (and for good reason) and Dana White proving a point to those fighters.

    I'll watch the fight, as we all will, but it doesn't particularly interest me. He's not a legitimate challenge and Jones is not the wrestling challenged Anderson Silva. This is going to be a one-sided beating. If I could give Sonnen one fight @ 205 it would be Machida and for all the crap that he's said about Machida and his Karate. My guess would be that Lyoto would "Bader" his ass.