Greg Jackson ready to train Georges St-Pierre or Carlos Condit for Nick...

Greg Jackson ready to train Georges St-Pierre or Carlos Condit for Nick Diaz after UFC 154 bout


Greg Jackson believes that Georges St-Pierre will be back 100% come november 17th, as he takes on Carlos Condit. Jackson will be staying back on the sidelines, as he says after the fight he will continue to train both fighters.


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  • GoldenBibi

    Yea work with Carlos on his Running Vertical Jump. And don’t forget on greasing up GSP well… Nick Diaz El Mariguano is coming for both their asses.. Don’t be scared Homies.

  • KeithFarrell

    Running vertical jump? Condit managed to reach Diaz with a flying knee well enough in their first fight

  • KeithFarrell

    Jackson is the first guy in years to create a successful plan to beat Diaz.
    No offense to Carlos but if he got him to win then surely he can do it with GSP.

  • GoldenBibi
  • mindkontrolle

    Way to go Greg, your smile is as pathetically fake as JBJ’s….

  • grandslam

    I would’nt call Jackson’s plan ‘successful’ against Diaz. Let’s face it, running from your opponent never really impresses anyone in the fight game. Although I agree that Carlos did land some good combinations but then they did absolutely no damage at all. He managed to connect a few head kicks and the damage done was absolutely ‘ZERO’. Carlos did win that fight but lost quite a bit of his reputation.

  • azzkika

    Condit smashed Diaz in that fight and Diaz done NOTHING other than wave his arms around like a baby whilst walking into mor epunishment

  • grandslam

    Smashed? Are we talking about the same fight here?
    Running isn’t exactly ‘smashing’ you know.

  • enjoylife321

    Greg Jacksons love for GSP and Condit is almost as inspiring as his love for Rashad and Bones.

    Jackson even expressed his admiration and love for Dana after he kicked him hard in the balls. Sometimes I wonder if Greg Jackson has a bigger calling in life to preach to thousands.

    the man is an inspiration