Glover Teixeira On Jon Jones: I’m Gonna Knock This Guy Out

Glover Teixeira On Jon Jones: I’m Gonna Knock This Guy Out


Glover Teixeira is 5 – 0 in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, 22 – 0 professionally and on winning streak that’s twenty fights deep and eight years long.

Kicking off his impressive victories streak in May of 2006 Teixeira has blown through his opponents with an impressive 90% finishing rate. In eighteen of his twenty wins the number two ranked light-heavyweight has either T/KO’d or submitted his rivals. Entering the senior circuit in the spring of 2012 Teixeira continued to impress taking four of his five wins by way of finish; 80%.

However, Teixeira’s next fight is unlike any that he’s had before.

In his upcoming bout this April 26th, Teixeira will be fighting for the UFC’s light-heavyweight belt and in doing, will have to face long standing 205 pound champion and number one ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Jon Jones.

Jones seized the belt in May of 2011 when he defeated Maurício Rua at UFC 128. Since the day, “Bones” has looked all but unstoppable. He has successfully defended his belt six times – inclusive of beating four former champions in a row (five counting Rua) – with only one fighter, Alexander Gustafsson, proving to be a serious challenge to beat him.

In short, at 6’4” and an 84.5 inch reach, the 19 – 1 Jones – unbeaten if we discount his DQ loss to Matt Hamill – is a formidable opponent for any fighter, including the very tough and proven Glover Teixeira.

However, Teixeira seems not to be worried. By his account, it’s Jones that will have to “worry” about what he’s (Teixeira) is going to do and not the other way around. To the point, Teixeira says he’s “gonna’ knock this guy out” at UFC 172 in Baltimore.

As to whether or not he can do that which has never been done, fans can only guess. However, what is also true is that Teixeira has only been stopped once in his career, and that was in his first fight back in 2002. As such, Jones just might find out that he’ll have the same problem that every other fighter has had with Teixeira, which is, that he tough as nails to put away. Evidence of that would be Teixeira’s last outing. In the September 2013 fight, Ryan Bader had the Brazilian rocked and in serious trouble, but before “Darth” could close the deal Teixeira hit him at the fight was over.

Regardless of outcome, the Jones vs. Teixeira match should be a great match and a tough one for both fighters.  

Here’s Teixeira discussing his plans for Baltimore on Inside MMA.

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  • ImmaBoss

    Sorry but i see Jones winning

    • akieyugames

      Same here, but I hope I'm wrong.

      • darejz00

        Oh man, can you imagine the reaction if Jones gets knocked out? It's gonna be an amazing fight to watch too since both of the fighters are far from lay 'n pray artists.

  • Entity

    For these guys that are shorter than Jones and have less reach, they'll have to get in close and cut off Jones. It will take a tough(to weather incoming strikes) fast, heavy handed fighter. I just don't see Glover being quick enough, though he has power and is tough.
    Jones will have to get cornered and get nailed by a flurry of punches.

  • DesiredUsername

    My heart says Texiera will win…but my head knows better. Jones will likely be looking to make a statement after the Gus fight.