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Gina Carano hasn’t given up on fighting just yet, says Cyborg can make 135


There are multiple reasons you should watch this video, but if you happen to click the thumbnail simply because you find Gina Carano ridiculously attractive and may have even dreamed of dying one day via triangle choke by her, than I can’t say that I blame you. But aside from that, Gina had some interesting things to share with SB Nation regarding womens MMA, a potential Rousey vs Cyborg fight, her fighting career and much more.

  • At least Ronda will leave your face pretty 8))…not sure about the arm though. Hope you come back.

  • Speak of the devil. Zip and I were just waxing about her on the Rhonda post.

    I know one thing for sure….she's number one on my P4P list. Well, at least if "P" doesn't stand for "pound".

    Or better yet….define "pound".

    • @MMA truth….Forget MMA, Gina could sell more pay per views mud wresting…..

      I'd rather get kicked in the balls, then watch Gina get punched in the face…

      If Gina comes back, Im heading to the sperm bank

      • @ Enjoy

        Then I shall see you @ the bank. 🙂

        • Please, Gina is pretty, but I'm going to stay faithful to Meisha Tate. Ronda, on the other hand, is cute, but she has chubby cheeks 🙂

        • MMA Truth….Thats hilarious !

  • GINA!!!How I long forgot you.Shame…would be awesome to see her back.UFC would sign her no doubt even with huge layoff.Womens division needs all the help they can get.Looks wont hurt also. : )

  • ya about to get weak!! better back off my women! or ima tell her to kick ya on your head!

  • gina is a basketcase.. but damn she can kick"box" and looks super sexy

  • Easily the hottest successful woman fighter

    • would be less gay if you just said hottest successful fighter

  • Is Cyborg bonning her? Otherwise how can gina know she can make 135?

  • Had to bow out of the discussion early last night as the wife didn't take kindly to the topic. However, since she is not here at the moment… man Gina is hot, that smile, those eyes, just gorgeous.

    @Truth – Yeah, I noted the red meat you threw my way. But here's how that went . . . Rhonda, Gina, then…. Hilary. I needed time to recover.

  • I didn't really get the feeling from this interview that most others did, I think it's pretty obvious from here she isn't coming back.

    When she gets asked a million times if she is coming back she is not going to blow everyone off and cut her ties to the sport and she knows anything can happen so she just says anything can happen but she isn't making it out like she expects to be back in the cage next year.

    Also how creepy is that guy flirting with her after she says he is okay haha

    • @ Keith

      How could you not flirt with her?