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Gilbert Melendez: Ben Henderson is an amazing fighter, but I can beat him


Gilbert Melendez is recovering from the injuries that kept him off of Strikeforce’s final card on January 12th, but when he returns, he has been rumored to receive an automatic title shot against Benson Henderson. Melendez appears in an interview with Middle Easy and states his view on Henderson, whom he thinks he can beat.

While Melendez has respect for Henderson’s game,he does carry a bit of a grudge towards the champ, as Henderson handily destroyed Melendez’s teammate Nate Diaz last month at UFC on Fox 5. He spoke up about it: 

“You’re hurt because your buddy lost, and I feel like Nate didn’t perform his best. He had some things going on. Benson did pop him in the eye. You want to whip the dudes ass, you want to beat him up. You want to avenge your team, avenge your homie, but much respect to the guy. Nothing personal, but you want a piece of him.”

  • Ben Henderson would just run through you, Gilbert, so stop it.

  • Wouldn't even be a tough contest….. for Benson

  • Hahaha you guys are so funny. Ben would run through Gilbert Melendez? Because of close fights with Thomson, and Masvidal?

    Did we learn nothing from the WEC?

    • Yes, he would. Gilbert hasn't looked impressive lately at all.

      • Yeah i agree bendo smashes gil hands down.

      • Neither did Ben the fight before he came to the UFC. Pettis worked him.

        • Pettis did not work him. Pettis was in the fight of his life and Ben has gotten better. It was such a close fight that many did not know who won but the show kick gave him the nod. People act like Ben had his as* handed to him but Ben probably came closer to a finish in that fight when he had Pettis back. In a rematch I pick Ben.

          • Ben was never close to a finish. Him and Anthony both had each other's back multiple times, and the closest to a finish was Pettis after kicking Ben in the face.

    • These dudes know nothing about mma.. Sad . Why would Melendez lose? Cause in my opinion Henderson is just Not the guy, he's not running through anyone he has to be the biggest lightweight with the lowest finish ratio.. He may eek a decision out at best but he will never crush his opponent especially a high leel opponent like Melendez. If your going to talk big about records being broke and big in the ring then you should at least knock or sub people other than once every. 4 years lmao pathetic patetico!

  • You are absolutely out of your mind, sir. The Henderson/Pettis was one of the closest fights you'll ever see. The fight was extremely close up until Pettis landed that kick.

    • Bullshit. Pettis destroyed Ben on the feet, and did more than hold his own on the ground. Ben got kneed on every takedown attempt in the 5th, and was already down a round at that point.

      If Ben won a decision (even before the Pettis kick), it would have been a horrid choice.

        • Fight Metric? How many times has FM let you down? Well, it has let me down numerous times. I've seen wrestlers get dominated on their feet, then won by just flagrantly laying on top of their opponents for a few minutes.

          If Pettis had not landed the Showtime Kick, it would have been nothing but a draw.

          • Let me down the first Edgar fight with Henderson. When I rewatched it I saw how I missed things.

            This wasn't a wrestler barely winning a fight. This was Pettis winning multiple facets of an incredibly exciting fight, which he began to dominate in the 5th.

          • Lol – It was a win for Pettis, but he didn't dominate that fight.

          • Never meant he did, just that he won handily. In a very exciting fight.

            Besides, I'd figure you'd score it wide for Pettis considering the only points Ben got was for takedowns and some strikes on the ground.

          • I don't think we're talking about the same fight, EH. The one I saw was exciting on the feet and on the ground, It was one of the most exciting fights I've ever seen. The fight was dead even up until that kick.

          • Yea, we definitely were watching the same fight if you think it was any where close on the feet. Ben had nothing for Pettis standing.

          • Neither did Ben Henderson but if he had won it woulda been just another decision victory. Like always. Benson is trash, can't wait til Melendez, or aldo whips his ass. Or better yet Pettis! Again.

  • Gotta go with The Champ until proven wrong. Good fight either way.

  • Beat a top 10 fighter and then let's talk about a top 5 guy. THEN a title shot 😉

  • maybe melendez would show up with a toothpick too

  • I thought the Pettis Bendo fight was close nobodys gameplan was wor4king but they both showed alot of heart and the Showtime kick was unexpected and legendery..Naate Diaz Franky Edgar what do they have in common?Theyre both almost impossible to finish,so even though Bendo didn't finish he looked impressive and won those fights.Im on the fence about Gil he has some impressive victories Kawajiri,Aoki,Thompson but no top ten…I think Pettis or Cerrone,plus you got Maynard hes asking alot..He defenetly should have to earn it.

  • The show time kick was staged