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Gilbert Milendez injured, Saturday’s entire Strikeforce card canceled


Perhaps there is no end to the injuries plaguing MMA, as early brings the finding that Strikeforce Lightweight champion Gilbert Milendez has been injured and is out of his title fight with Pat Healy. The card was scheduled to air on Showtime this Saturday, but when network officials learned of Milendez’s forced withdrawal, they said they would not air the event. Apparently this was enough to prompt Strikeforce to cancel the entire card altogether. Disappointing news for fight fans, many of whom believe that Milendez should by plying his trade against better competition in the UFC not injuring himself amongst lesser fighters in Strikeforce. Longtime Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had the following to say on the subject:

“When Showtime informed us that it would not be airing the event, we made the difficult decision to cancel Saturday’s card in Sacramento. Without a television partner, we simply could not move forward with this event. We wish Gilbert a speedy recovery and will work diligently and quickly to reschedule the fighters affected by this news on upcoming cards.”

The second event cancellation in less than a month for Zuffa does not bode well for the sport of MMA. If the sport is to advance and become more popular, the events simply cannot be held hostage by a single fight, albeit a headliner. Strikeforce may fall prey to the unfortunate circumstance of having way too few marketable fighters, but the UFC cannot use this excuse. They, however, are oft-blamed for putting on way too many events and spreading themselves too thin. I get the feeling that many injuries that fighters fought through in the past are ones they use as a reason to withdraw from a fight. Before they were fighting to make a name for themselves, and many still are no doubt, but overall, the bigger names are making money and able to wait it out. This is never good news for the fans especially in the Northern California area, who always love to root for their champ Milendez.

Strikeforce had another scheduled bout between Daniel Cormier and Frank Mir on the horizon November 3rd, but again, Frank Mir has injured his knee and no one has been named as of yet for a replacement. We can only hope this injury situation works through the kinks, but for the time being, it appears to be getting worse.

  • WTF!!!!??

    I guess blame it on Jon Jones

  • wow

  • God damn is Gilbert injury prone, including this one he has been injured lead up to to his last 3 fights.

    As horrible as it sounds, from a fan’s perspective I don’t really mind that this card is cancelled.

    There is like 5 decent SF names on the card and the rest wouldn’t get on the prelims of a decent SF card.

  • There is an easy fix for this, move over some of the lower tier fighters from UFC to pad out the next few SF events. They get TV exposure rather than fighting prelims on Facebook and UFC gets the chance to build some new stars by putting them front and centre in the spotlight.

    It is either that or start doing a talent share with the likes of BAMMA and start bringing in some of the best upcoming European talent for one-off appearances. Either way they need to address the shallowness of the talent pool because right now they are struggling to be considered a top 5 promotion, both Bellator and BAMMA have far more depth and put on some fantastic stand n bang fights, exactly what Showtime is demanding.

  • Naah, this is all Greg Jackson the sport killer’s fault. Showtime asked him if they should still air the Strikeforce event; Greg informed them that it would be the greatest mistake of their careers to switch main events at such short notice.

  • They should just fold SF and bring the fighters over to the UFC, the roster could certainly use the infusion of talent. This way, we might also get to see a UFC women’s division.

  • god damn it, whats going on?
    getting fed up of zuffa!
    dont agree with what JJ did, but this has proven it was not his fault and Dana was a complete jerk!

  • Chael should’ve stepped up to save this card. He only would have had to cut 50lbs.

  • One more day and zuffa takes mma one step closer to pro boxing, makes me want to cry.

  • Disappointing news for fight fans, many of whom believe that Milendez should by plying his trade against better competition in the UFC not injuring himself amongst lesser fighters in Strikeforce.

  • That made no sense ^

  • So it’s official Dana sold his soul to the devil who helped UFC peak now he’s coming to collect.

    That’s my only explanation for all these injuries.

  • I could be wrong but my hunch is that eventually SF will become a woman’s league and UFC will absorb the men’s division.

  • Okay, Chael offered to fight in Gilbert’s place…

  • b it ch as s

  • We have what?….3 more years of SF in showtime?… I think this won’t be the last time this happeneds just because of the lack of “name” recognition some people desire….also showtime kinda of Aholes for doing that, I mean the pulled a Jones/Dana/Hendo all at the same damn time AGAIN just weeks after UFC 151..smfh

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  • is for days and weeks to cancel card and for 1 fighter is sick. will hapen more and more for days.need to stack card see some fights ha! card have for 1 good fight is canceld for why tv show card? *facepolm* 🙂 =

  • i wouldn’t be surprised if this is the end of strikeforce. No one ever shows up at their shows to begin with and now to cancel one. This doesn’t look good for mma in a whole