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Germaine De Randamie Offers Rematch To Holly Holm Amidst Massive Controversy

Photos by Ed Mulholland for USA TODAY Sports

Germaine de Randamie may be the new – and first-ever – UFC women’s featherweight champion, but it’s become clear that she’s feeling the pressure of the controversy surrounding her win over Holly Holm in the main event of last weekend’s (Sat., February 11, 2017) UFC 208 from Brooklyn, New York.

After a majority of the MMA community believed de Randamie should have been docked at least one point after hitting Holm after the bell in the second and third rounds, Holm suggested those shots were the hardest she felt all night, and understandably requested an immediate rematch.

De Randamie soon apologized, but apparently that isn’t enough in her eyes. While she’s supposedly headed for surgery to fix a hand ligament issue that’s been hampering her for a few fights, she offered an immediate rematch to Holm through an Instagram post from her management company Sucker Punch Entertainment today:

Let’s make it crystal clear then. @ironladymma

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Conventional wisdom obviously dictates that the next shot at de Randamie’s belt will go to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, the one woman who most feel is head and shoulders above the rest of the shallow women’s 145-pound fray.

But with “Cyborg” currently facing an uncertain USADA suspension situation – even if she is rumored to be cleared – the UFC may find itself with no choice but to book a rematch between de Randamie and Holm.

Taking into account the all-out criticism of UFC 208 as a whole, that fight might be best served as a co-main event rather than a pay-per-view (PPV) headliner.

  • Juan Diablo

    Hahaha doin everything she can to avoid that Borg fight- 1st the hand surgery and now offering Holly a rematch lol If Borg gets next I wouldn’t be surprised if she relinquishes the belt and moves back down to take on the smaller girls

    • Jeff Harris

      IT is pretty tough to imagine any woman being able to compete with that monster ….

      • Bill Wolf

        Tougher still with only one good hand.

        It’s completely reasonable for Germaine De Randamie to want to be in good shape when she fights.

    • ShawnKarr

      lol, read my mind. Seems she’s realized what the only other option is.

  • Bill Wolf

    I give Germaine De Randamie credit. She should not have done what she did, but at this stage there is nothing better that she can do than what she is doing.

  • Wabbit

    A rematch would be justified, only to cure those afflicted by insomnia.