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Georges St-Pierre Will Give Update On Awaited MMA Return This Friday


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre rocked the MMA world when he vacated his long-held title after UFC 167, not only that, he added to a heap of problems that the UFC had with champions being sidelined. The biggest Canadian draw, and known globally, it’s hard to think of a more recognisable face in MMA today.

It didn’t take long before the talk turned to ‘Rush’ returning to fighting, although another torn ACL in training meant that GSP may have to consider acting full time. Meanwhile, the division found a new champion in Johny Hendricks, and a plethora of high-level contenders. Seemingly eager to get back in action, St-Pierre will give an update on his return this Friday (July 11, 2014), as AXS TV MMA correspondent Ron Kruck posted to his Twitter account:

Could this be the huge news we have waited six months for, that St-Pierre has a return date booked, or will he keep us waiting longer? One thing is for sure, a return from the estranged chanpion would add a very interesting twist to the story of the welterweight division. Would an immediate title shot be on tap?

Dominick Cruz recently signed to fight Takeya Mizugaki after his three-year sit, during which he was unlucky enough to have to vacate his title. Just half a year removed, would ‘Rush’ want a tune-up fight, or would he go straight in the mix? Hopefully we’ll know a little more this Friday.

  • This could be good news for the sport. Consider all that has happened since GSP left: drug testing has been apparently ramped up and people are finally getting caught and the TRT issue has basically resolved. GSP's hunger is probably more than it has been in a long time considering what he has had to overcome with injuries in order to compete again and if there were any personal issues outside of fighting that he has had to deal with, they very well could be resolved. I don't think GSP will come back and win the title, but it will create a lot of buzz and will provide one more desperately needed star for the UFC in this time of watered-down cards and injured champs.

    • I think he could regain the title if he comes back 100%. There's nothing in the WW division that is better than a 100%GSP and I see no reason why he couldn't win it back assuming he is hungry and remains fully fit. I think if he is hungry and does return he might have to fight his fellow countryman which he said he'd never do if he wants a quick title shot otherwise he could be waiting a while to get it.

      Still, GSP in the mix anywhere will be great news.

  • I would guess he's going to let Rory have his day to try for the title so I would actually predict a superfight with Anderson or try his hand at the 185 division. If Rory loses his opportunity then he may very well return to 170.

  • WEAK

  • This would be terrible news for me as a GSP fan. I was so happy he retired on a win and left on top, if he returns he most certainly will lose and tarnish a near perfect legacy and run. He wasn't the same after 1st knee surgery and will be worse after 2nd. Please don't come back GSP, you left for a reason and are a legend, leave with your health and as the champ.

    • GSP wasn't the same after his first knee surgery? I agree, but because he was BETTER after. He outclassed Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz after his first knee surgery. Sure he didn't beat Hendricks, but overall I think he was beating better guys after his knee surgery than before.

      • We can disagree then, he was nearly knocked unconscious against Condit and even though he was a terrible match up for Diaz he has some shots stuffed and set up his shots differently and did not look that great although he won 4 rounds and he looked slower against Hendricks. He struggled, no way he would have had a tough time vs Hendricks 2-3 years ago. NO WAY HE LOOKED BETTER post surgery

        • You realize the only reason GSP looked weaker vs. Hendricks was b/c he got concussed in the first round. GSP ate 4 or 5 nasty elbows to the side of the ehad, and he still gave Hendricks a solid test. GSP fights Hendricks again, I guarantee you, he will not eat those elbows, and GSP will certainly pick him apart in the later rounds!

          GSP almost getting KTFO by Condit, who cares, almost doesn't count. He only had major knee surgery & was out for 17 months, and he still dominated the top 3 WW in the world. Imagine if he wasn't out for 17 months & didn't have major ACL surgery?!?

          As for the Diaz fight, GSP injured his achilles & was sick the day of the fight, which is why his cardio looked suspect. Again GSP at 80% is still better than 95% of the WW's at 100%. GSP at 100%… no one in the WW division touches him.

    • I'm a huge GSP fan and I would love to see him back, even after major knee injury he was still able to go five rounds with Hendricks. GSP definitely has the skill to be Champion again, he needed a long lay off like this to regain his hunger for the sport . Any true GSP would be thrilled to see him back.

    • Don't get me wrong, I'm usually the first one to protest these late career comebacks, but for some reason I feel like GSP still has a few good fights left in him and he would give some serious trouble to any of the top WW including the champ.