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Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz slated for UFC 158


It appears that Montreal is going to be a madhouse on March 16th thanks to two Canadians landing fights that they asked for.

First it was announced that Rory MacDonald would get a chance at avenging his lone loss against Carlos Condit. Now it appears that Georges St-Pierre will also have his wishes granted as the UFC will allow him to face Nick Diaz. According to MMAFighting.com, Dana White has offered Diaz and GSP the opportunity to face each other at UFC 158 and it appears that both will accept although Diaz has yet to sign the contract. But this will likely be a mere formality and St-Pierre will get the fight he has begged the UFC for while shrugging aside the super fight with Anderson Silva. 

Dana White made an attempt to put together the Silva-St-Pierre showdown last week in Seattle but the Canadian made it clear that he wanted Nick Diaz first.

“He doesn’t ask for things,” White told the press last week. So if he wants to fight Nick Diaz, and Nick Diaz wants to fight him, then that’s probably the fight we’ll make.”

GSP is coming off of a unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit last month in Montreal after being on the shelf for over a year. With him retaining his title, he holds the cards and, although he has never been pushy, he made no bones about it that Diaz was on his radar. This left Johny Hendricks — who is coming off a devastating knockout of Martin Kampmann and thought to be the #1 contender — visibly upset that he is being passed over for a title shot. 

Diaz hasn’t fought since losing to Condit last February and being subsequently suspended for testing positive for marijuana metabolites. He’s eligible to return on Feb. 4, 2013. 

  • Cant see Diaz being able to handle GSPs ground game any better than his brother could handle Benson.
    And I would bet on Rory beating up Condit also, he seems to be more aggressive than gsp with his ground and pound.

    To bad cause I would love to see the guys who actually like to stand and fight to win.

    • i dont care if the fight is on the feet or on the ground, as long as we get a high paced fight.

      and gsp vs nick diaz will be a version of condit vs nick diaz on an extremely boring level

      • Man, you are dumb.

      • Just as boring as your comments are intelligent & educated ….. which they aren't, therefore the fight between GSP vs. Diaz should be a good one. Especially when GSP breaks Diaz's face! I think Diaz knows he's in for a long night, but he might as well get paid for his time & getting paid he will, but will it be worth the embaressment GSP is going to give him …… it will be for the fans!!!

        P.S you have the IQ of peanut cum!

    • Then I guess you should give up on MMA and watch boxing or kickboxing.

      • that was meant for highkick.

        there's no point on commenting on onemoreround, as all his comments on GSP are like his other comments on GSP, on an extremely boring level.

      • Nah man Ill never see a ninja like Anderson in a boxing ring.

        Just wish there was more fighters like Chuck and Crocop, waaay to many wrestlers

        • lets play? word association!

          anderson= ninja, matrix, jedi, unreal

          gsp= safety-first, lay and pray, boring, look up at the clock

          • For sure, Silva vs Maia was unreal…

          • Ouch. K has taken the gloves off.

            Onemoreround, what are you trying to say? You find GSP boring. I get that. I have two ripostes for you:

            1) your constant comments on GSP's style being boring are the perfect allegory for his fight style.

            2) you remind me of my older brother. If a musician didn't play the style of music he liked the musician was lousy. There was no allowance for different preferences or differences of opinion. There was no good musicians in any other genre than pure rock. No fighter is any good unless he fights the way that you want? Nah, rather than ignoring you I have actually been watching you and I noticed two things – you have an ironic tongue wedged firmly in your cheek and you are not as pig headed and closed minded as you are pretending to be.

            GSP, much like Fitch (I believe) has been stung by the online criticism and both tried last fight to be more aggressive. Did you not laud him for his efforts?

          • ninja, matrix, jedi, unreal??? your an idiot…..sonnen humped silva from the top for almost 5 full rounds in the first fight.. True Legend

          • BAHAHAHHAH dude, forget the IQ od peanut cum, that's an insult to the damn peanut. You are just plain stupid, when I type STUPID on my phone, oneMOREround comes up …. I'm not even joking, that's how stupid you really are. Uneducated is a compliment for you. Silva vs. Cote, Maia & Leites were incredible, that ninja was soo good he went to a decision & it took Cote's knee to pop to win Silva that fight, that's how good the "ninja" is. Cote lasted the longest out of any UFC fighter at that time (3rd Round). Was Cote even ranked?!?

            You talk about GSP being safety 1st?!? He won 33 straight rounds without even coming close to losing a round, and he fought world class fighters. Except Serra & Hardy, while Silva has only fought 3 or 4 word lcass fighters out of 16 = OUCH!

            Why don't you check out GSP's opponents stats & how many losses they had b4 they fought him & how many times they were finished & then do the same with Silva. Then comeback & talk to me about how's the "Ninja" – Silva fights mcuh smaller BUMS @ MW, where he has the size, strength & reach advantage or he fights 1 big & slow dimensional LHW's who have ZERO wrestling, wow that must be a coincidence in a division filled with Wrestlers & not to mention he barely fought a ranked LHW. Griffin?!? LOL.

            FYI: How many fighters has Silva beaten who were on the top 10 P4P list?!? A whole one I think Henderson. How many did GSP beat ….. BJ Penn, Hughes, Shields, Fitch & Condit & soon to be Diaz. 6-1 for GSP, but Silva fights "world class" fighters, who have 3-5 fight winning streaks, while GSP fights & embaresses guys who have gone 5, 6 & 7 yrs undefeated, until they fight GSP. Yeah sure seems like Silva fights "tougher" competition.

            Silva's so tough in fact, he was crazy enough to challenge a much smaller opponent in GSP & asked him to be inconvenienced to give Silva what he WANTS. Silva also wants GSP to move up in weight & fight him for the 1st time outside of WW, while Silva himself wouldnt even fight a 10 LHW, let alone the champ @ LHW – which is Silva's natural weight class. That's how Matrix like Silva is, Silva: "give me the size, strength & reach advantage & I'll fight you bitch, but you have to move up in weight for the 1st time & fight me, something I NEVER DID …. are you crazy man?!?"

    • So you better watch kickboxing or muay thaï.

    • Nick's BJJ is way superior to GSP. You'll see.

      • BAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah sure it is, we'll see alright, jsut like Nate Diaz was going to give Henderson a run for his money. Diaz vs. GSP = 1 sided beating & Diaz is the punching bag! You'll see!!!

        Fighting GSP = not very fun for his opponents BUT
        Fighting an "angry" GSP, ask Serra, BJ Penn & Koscheck how that went?!? TKO & almost broken ribs for Serra, BJ Penn quit & had his trainers do it for him b/c he had a concussion & Koscheck, well he got his face broken, literally.

  • Going to be a long night for nick .. no way he is going to win this fight .
    Gsp is going to do the same thing Benson did to Nate 100% sure .

    • I don't think so Hurricane2k. It will be different. I think GSP will try harder than he has since he beat Serra, to finish a fight. I predict a TKO in 3. GSP will have to go to the hospital to have the sticky stain that was Nick Diaz removed from his elbow.

  • I actually think these should be good fights. GSP actually hates Nick so he might not be so cautious and both Diaz brothers dont quit till the final bell and for the other fight Conduit did manage to rock GSP and last the whole fight plus i think Rory is great but not at GSP`s level yet so will be a close fight.

  • I am so bored of GSP's fighting style, that everytime i watch it makes me feel like I have taken a box of valium and xanax with a prescription of medical marijuana on top. I wonder if GSP will try and take Diaz down and lay and pray for five rounds ??????

    GSP is avoiding silva because he knows he will get punished. I'd like to see diaz win and then see what rory is made of if he gets past condit.

    • avoiding silva? more like terrified by silva

      • @ one more round……

        Massive pay day vs monstrous beating….

        Why are so many canadian guys thinking of GSP when they go to bed with their wives and girlfriends…GSp is no match for Silva…Lets be honest Candians.

    • Tat

      GSP vs Condit was a exhibition oh how you can counter sum1 using what you know best and to hell wit wat every1 says about him being boring, that was a damn good fight and performance from GSP, MMA is not all abt the knockout bt showcasing other skills hence the "MIXED"

    • Yup, GSP is avoiding Silva like Silva is avoiding Jones. Oh wait, isnt Silva's natural weight class LHW & GSP's is WW?!? So Silva challenging a much smaller opponent makes GSP the "coward" – BAHAHAHAHA way to go girls, goes to prove how eduMAcated you two ladies are. Let GSP challenge Ben Henderson & if GSP wins, he is the #1 P4P fighter EVER, since Henbderson only has 1 loss & Silva has 4 losses to who?!? @ least Ben Henderson's loss was to a "champ". But if GSP challenges a smaller LW he's a "bully", but Silva does it, he's so crazy & daring. I don't know how Silva is still alive, challenging a guy he outweighs by 46lbs, has a 4" height adv & a 3" reach adv. & expects GSP to move up in weight, somethign he has never done b4 & fight Silva, b/c Silva wants too?!? GSP said he'd have no problem fighting Silva @ 170lbs, so why is Silva too scared to fight GSP at his weight class?!? POOOR Silva might be too tired & wont have such a huge advantage anymore, poooo little muffin man. He challenges smallers fighters & asks them to move up in weight, what a fucking dummy, just like Beavis/1MOREround & Butthead/enjoyLIFE. Funny Silva only fights on his terms, even when he challenges smaller opponents he expects them to do more to make the fight happened, that he wants. BAHAHAHAHA GSP will fight him @ 170 any time, but Silva too scared to fight where he used to fight, but wants GSP to fight where he's never fought b4, thats how much sense that makes. The 2 of you were the best swimmers your old man had out of billions?!? WOW competition must have been fierce! (wink wink)

  • Even for as big a name as his is, I see this as being the easiest fight that GSP has had since his re-match with Matt Serra. I don't see what Nick has to offer GSP. If he thinks that moving forward and peppering The Champ is going to garner him a victory or that he'll tap Rush on the ground, then he's got another thing coming. St. Pierre is too everything for Nick. Too big, too strong, too fast, too explosive, too good everywhere.

    I don't see this as a decision fight. GSP will stop him. It's an easy pay-day for The Champ.

    • You're making it sound like a no brainer. I don't agree completely. I think Nick is a very good striker probably even better than the champ. However, overall GSP is superior but I wouldn't say 'too good'.

      • Agreed that Nick is a good striker, but it hasn't been proven that he's better than GSP. GSP's jab is the best in the division and he's knocked people down with it, broke Koscheck's orbital bone with it and has used it effectively to maintain his distance and set-up his take-down. His overall stand-up game, kicking, spinning kicks / elbows, knees and the clinch, is also superior to Nick's. Also GSP's cardio is off the chart. So, there's no advantage there for Nick, either.

        I will stick with my original contention. GSP will beat him easily. It will be a finish.

        • Again, GSP's BJJ does NOT compare to Nick Diaz. This is a huge factor everyone is overlooking because they think that the fight will remain standing for 5 rounds and that GSP will control distance effortlessly.

          • Where has it been proven that Nick's BJJ is better than GSP's? More to the point (though) it's not a BJJ match. Quoting Carlos Condit…"his top-control is pretty formidable". He will control him just as easily as he controlled Penn and everyone knows how good BJ is off his back and how hard his guard is to pass. The Champ owned Penn on the ground. I don't see what Nick brings to the table except, perhaps, height, but then again, Condit, whose great off of his back, too, didn't have an answer for GSP's ground control.

            And in terms of going to the ground, that will be GSP's decision, not Nick's and when it goes to the ground Nick will be on his back, with a very powerful, athletic, wrestler with his own black belt in BJJ.

            There is no Matt Hughes moment in this fight.

          • @ Mindkontrolle, are you saying that Diaz's BJJ is better than BJ's BJJ (that's right I said it: BJ's BJJ)? BJ's BJJ posed little problem for GSP.

          • I think Nick's BJJ is better than BJ's BJJ, yes because Nick's transitions into a BJJ position seem more fluid and skillful to me than BJ's BJJ style.

      • Nick isn't near GSP in striking?!? Are you serious? Diaz is affective with his strategy, but his technique is light yrs behind GSP's.

  • Nicks BJJ is light years ahead of Condit's so anyone basing this fight on that fight is making a false argument. I think this is one of GSP's hardest tests. Diaz has way better boxing while GSP is clearly the better kick boxer. It is hard to say which style of stand up will prevail because every time we think we know which is more effective someone shows up as an exception to the rule. On the ground Nick is going to have a huge jits advantage but GSP might be able to nullify it. He will not be able to do what he did to Condit though. I would have a hard time picking against GSP having seen how strong he returned but if there is a guy to do it it is Nick.

  • *Without looking* can someone name the last fight where GSP finished someone? I sincerely hope this isn't five long round of takedowns, dry-humpting and an anti-climactic decision at the end. Yes, I know, GSP fights smart, etc, but I just wish they could agree up front that the fight will not end until there is a KO/TKO or submission, like an MMA sudden death overtime, of sorts.

    • …forgot to add….

      Sudden death, overtime? This is organized, professional, under rules MMA. It is not Blood Sport. The Octagon should never become The Roman Coliseum.

      • Yeah, we better get rid of sudden death rules in football and hockey too, wouldn't want anyone to die playing those sports either, lol.

        • I don't think one can compare MMA to any other major sport. It's in a league (no pun intended) of it's own.

          • I don't think you can use the Roman Coliseum as an analogy either- I don't think they had a ref standing there to ensure the gladiators' safety, nor could they tap out at any given moment when they knew their doom was near.

          • MMA Truth, you're not the sharpest guy around here. I think Michael's complements may have gone to your head a bit. Time to float back down to earth a tad……

          • I've never made any claim to being the sharpest guy around, here. Indeed, I know I'm not. You are appending attributes to me that I have not appended, to myself.

            I am just a UFC / MMA fan. One with thoughts and opinions on a sport that I love and fighters that I truly respect. I enjoy sharing those thoughts and opinions, as I enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions of others on this site. Including Michael's, by the way. Shout out to him. He's a quality commentator.

            The above is all that I am. At least in terms of this site. Either way, I will try and dumb it down or bring it up a notch, not sure which is the solution and try not to put on any more false airs.

            My humble apologies.

          • I was just messing with ya. I still think Nick has a good chance here. Just IMO.

          • I was using the Coliseum as metaphor. I did not mean it literally. However, I don't see what difference it would make if you had a ref in the ring or not, if the point was to beat a man to a KO or TKO, simply to satisfy the base desire of paying fans to see a "finish". I would see that as barbaric. Referee or no referee.

            If two fighters have gone at it for three or five rounds and without an active resolution in the ring, requiring three judges to render a score, then that's it. I'm not interested in watching guy like Henderson and Rua keep fighting, hoping for finish, simply to give us a thrill. I don't see how that, ref or no ref, could ever be considered as good, for fighter safety.

            That is the only point.

  • Technically speaking, his last finish was Penn. However, I'd make the argument that he finished Koscheck. The doctor should have prevented Koscheck from coming out for the fifth and even possibly the fourth, round. Koscheck had no place being in that ring with his eye that bad. He could have had his career ended. The doctor failed to do his job, IMO.

    So, to answer your question, I would make the argument that GSP's last finished someone (Koscheck), 2 fights ago. I'd make a strong case that breaking a man's face to such a point, the he couldn't even fly home and then he couldn't train for the better part of a year, that he couldn't he run on a treadmill, easily gravitates to the level of a finish and that the doctor failed to do his job. As we have bad decisions from judges, so to do we have bad calls from doctors. And that doctor failed to do his job, regardless of the fighter's willingness to continue. How the fighter feels, is irrelevant. The doctor failed the fighter that night. I see it no other way. GSP finished Koscheck. That was two fights ago. No look-up required.

    • That's an interesting and different way of looking at things. There is no doubt Koscheck was in no shape to be fighting after those jabs. It should have been called. Also, GS almost ripped off Dan Hardy's arm with an armbar AND a kimura, Hardy just refused to tap. I'd say most of the UFC taps to those vicious holds. GSP does have a wrestling-heavy game, but he smashed Condit and does look for the finish in my eyes.

      • @mike drahota

        tap or snap

        gsp admitted he had the holds wrong

    • @Mike I agree, if you think GSP didn't try to finish Hardy at all thenthere's no hope for you in a reasonable conversation.
      The only fights that GSP hasn't come close to finishing his opponent or demolished them in his reign is Shields (fought with one working eye though) and Alves
      @Truth Never thought about it like that, thats a really good point on the Kos fight

  • Awesome News… War Diaz…

  • Is it me or Georges always seems to be fighting in Canada? I know he has fought in the U.S in the past, but c'mon.

    • keep him in canada, americans will booooooooo booooooo throughout his fight

      • Yea your right the USA crowds are sometimes known for not understanding what they're watching and not applauding unless it's a rock em sock em fight… your the best example

  • GSP is superior in wrestling. Diaz is superior in jiu-jitsu. GSP is basically an *honorary* black belt… I really don't see this as a "no-brainer", I think it's a very ignorant stance from some of you.

    • GSP isn't an honorary black belt. He's trained for the past ten years with names like Renzo Gracie, John Danaher, and in the past few years Roger Gracie. GSP's jits is legit, and when it comes to MMA, his grappling barely has an equal.

      Straight BJJ match up- Probably Diaz, but would most likely be closer than you think.

      MMA Grappling- Diaz gets very bloody after a few minutes.

    • GSP is an honorary black belt? dude he is one of the only 3 men to submit Matt Hughes and one of the two to do it in Hughes' prime – a period where even Royce Gracie had no success against Matt with submissions or even attempting them.

  • This is one hell of a fun fight but unfortunately I think, for many hardcores at least, the unfairness that is placed upon Johny Hendricks slightly takes away from my enjoyment in the buildup of this match-up. Mainly because I know the belt is being defended against a great fighter but not the #1 contender or the most deserving man.

    I saw above this will be Bendo vs. Nate Diaz all over again… I find it hard to see anything but that.

    • Keith, this only pushes Hendrick's back, maybe six months. Tops. He said he wanted to fight for "the title". Okay, the title will still be there in July, August and September. Which would be more than enough time for the winner of GSP / Diaz to recover, camp and fight. If he wants the title, then does it really matter whether he fights GSP or Diaz? No. So, I think it's reasonable to ask him to sit down until March 16th and let us have the fight we should have had last year.

      It's a 90 day(s) wait and then he gets what he says he wants, a title shot. I think he'll live and I don't think it's that much of an affront or too much for the organization to ask.

      • Apart from being unfair for Hendricks I think it ruins the hype of this would-be superfight. Diaz looked bad in his last fight, is coming off a loss and his brother who uses the exact same style just got destroyed by a strong wrestler who has great submission defense and heavy top game, pretty much the same characteristics as GSP.

        Like I said it's a fun fight but I would like to see Nick get a big win like he did over BJ to try and convince some of us he isn't going to be owned for 25 minutes.

        • Sadly though Keith, I think we are about to see Nick Diaz in a string of fights, which expose him as being less than a well-rounded fighter. If he gets fed another high-level wrestler like (a) Koscheck, Elenberger, Fitch or the likes of Demian Maia, I think he will be smashed. I honestly ask myself who do I think he can beat @ 170 and Carlos Condit was probably one of the best options. Maybe Kampman. I think Thiago Alves would kick the crap out of him. Possibly he could have beat Diego Sanchez, but The Dream has dropped back down to 155. I look around the 170 landscape and I really ask myself, of anyone who matters, who can he beat? What fight would you give him, which would give him a big win. Matt Hughes? LOL! Even then, Hughes could take him down. LOL!

          I think the MMA headline for Nick Diaz for 2013 is going to be…he's not that good. I think it's the difference between fighting in The UFC and lesser promotions. Wins are a lot harder to come by, particularly a string of them. Losses, however, are easy to come by and I think Nick is about to run into a string of them. It's the whole reason why Hendricks should keep his power dry, accept his fate and under no circumstances take a fight. I think the best he could do would be to ask Dana for his "show" money, in lieu of fighting and stepping aside. I think that would be fair. For what The UFC is about to make off of this PPV (a legitimate grudge match, with a smack talk build-up, coupled with two fighters with large following and name recognition) I believe it would be a reasonable request.

          I understand why some might shake their heads, think it's unfair or even corrupts the process, but this, after all, a business. The sport entertainment business.

        • Stop talking about Hendricks, he's a relative new comer compared to Nick. Get it straight.

  • aww.. god damn it.

  • Diaz will get smashed.

  • As much as I want to see this fight, I am losing a lot of respect for the way the UFC is handling picking fights nowadays. Never mind who deserves a title shot, we'll just give it to whoever the cahmp wants to fight, or whoever b*tches the most. If I was Johny Hendricks I would be losing my frigging mind. The allmighty dollar is driving this bus.

    • "champ"

    • I think it would be fair of The UFC if they compensated Hendricks with his "show" money, come the GSP / Diaz fight in March. He has been put aside and I am fine with that, but fair-is-fair. He did earn the title shot. I think it is unfair of the promotion to make this bout, without paying Johnny his (financial) due. I think that would go a long way to quelling Hendrick's frustration. It would also be a nice and public tip-of-the-cap to him, for having been put aside.

      Dana is dropping the ball on, what is, a public relations problem and for the very reason(s) you've raised.

      Pay the man. That would be my solution to the problem. Probably even give him a 75K bonus. I think the fans would be happy. I'm sure Hendricks would be. And an added benefit would be that at least we'd know Johnny's kids were being fed.