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Georges St. Pierre: The UFC Took My Title Belt While I Showered After UFC 167


Directly after UFC 167 Dana White made his feelings known about who he thought was the winner of the evening’s Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks welterweight title bout. White believed Hendricks had done enough to take the belt from the longtime champ, but St. Pierre won a highly controversial split decision to retain the gold.

Promptly stating that St. Pierre would give Hendricks a rematch because he “owed it to him,” White was quick to jump on GSP’s back and tell him he simply could not walk away from MMA as champion. So St. Pierre vacated the belt in order to take some time off to deal with his personal life.

But it appears that another strange wrinkle has been added to the saturated media blitz surrounding St. Pierre’s departure from the UFC. Apparently a UFC employee snuck into St. Pierre’s locker room after the fight and stole his UFC welterweight title belt from him. St. Pierre detailed the odd scenario to Infoman (translated by MMA Mania):

“I’m taking my shower after the fight. I’m in my suit and tie, after that, they passed by, took the belt and they left with it, without even telling me. I have the belts I won before, but I don’t have the one from my last fight.”

Interesting. Or just strange, similar to every twist and turn in this drawn-out saga. After initially promising that he’d have a St. Pierre vs. Hendricks rematch booked within two weeks, White has supposedly said that he now believes St. Pierre was the victor while apologizing to the champ for his brashness. That was, of course, after UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta came out and said White was misunderstood but GSP owed them nothing.

The UFC 170-pound division will move on without St. Pierre, as Hendricks will face Robbie Lawler for the vacant title belt at UFC 171 on March 15.

It’s unclear when St. Pierre will return to fighting, if ever, but White seems to think he’ll be back. For some reason the UFC must have wanted to hedge their bets by holding onto the last title belt he owned as champion.

What that reason may be is still up in the air, and it looks like this story simply won’t die. I think it’s time to leave GSP alone to live his life the way he wants to; after all, he gave the last ten years of his life to mixed martial arts. And he should have been able to keep his belt. What do you think?

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  • I still think that Dana made Georges give up the belt in order for him to take a break…Cruz hasn't fought in nearly two years and they did an interim title fight, Barao saying that he's the real champ adds excitement to that fight,and also many fans think that Barao is the real champ…so they couldn't done the same thing for GSP? Im not saying that is okay to go on an take a break for a year or more while dealing with personal issues and put the belp or division "on hold",they could had set a time frame,like come back in the fall,whatnot,then eventually he would fight the winner of Lawler vs Hendricks,everyone has problems but I still think that Dana told Georges that if he wanted to a take break he had to give up the belt,,,who knows what happened behind closed doors…

    • It would be funnier if Dana ordered Hendricks to "return" the belt to the UFC.

  • wow another disrespectful action committed by the UFC against one of the most nicest and greatest fighters of all time, they better go and give GSP his belt back and they might as well take a cake with them for there rude behavior and arrogance.

    • Who knows who actually took the belt. It could have just been stolen. It's irresponsible for gsp or anyone else to advise the ufc of taking the belt without proof.

      • Advise=accuse

        • you and your "auto correct phone feature" lmao

        • I'm sorry SatelliteMan but sound silly. Think about it: who's personality would you think more likely to either take the belt or accuse without proof? I'd say GSP is more believeable. Also, Mixedmartialarts.com published this story 16 hours ago. I couldn't find any rebuttal from the UFC.

          I'd say for now I'd give GSP the benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise.

          • Really? I'd say let's hear both sides of the story before makingany judgement. I'm notsaying gsp is lying, but who exactly is he accusing? Maybe a zuffa employee took it upon himself. There's no reason for the UFC to take his belt, it's silly. It's not like there's one belt.

          • It's not fair to throw the entire UFC, including both your former employees who made you millions, under the bus when they could have nothing to do with it.

          • I think Dana and the UFC take too much unfair criticism generally but I agree with Choke – GSP would have recognized him. Anyway, if GSP is guessing then you are correct. I suspect he is more than guessing and has knowledge. I think you and I agree generally to be fair so lets see how it plays out.

          • I'm sure some reporter is going to ask Dana. Hopefully it turns into a juicy story, the drama unfolds!

          • Yeah, b/c you would know more than GSP & b/c you know how the UFC operates right?!? I'll take GSP's word over Dana's/the UFC & some nut hugger UFC fan like you. If GSP was "lying or making it up" I'm sure the UFC & Dana would have commented. Also, I can see the UFC doing that, just to piss off GSP or to make him think twice about leaving. Dana would absolutely act like a 5 yr old, take the belt & go home. Cash cow taking time off, if that's the case, we're taking back the belt!!! Imagine Dana doing something that childish….. no way… (wink wink)

          • I don't even like Dana White. If you want to talk nut hugging, take a deep look down your throat where you'll find GSP's sack.

            And maybe the UFC is not responding because they're taking the time to find out what the hell actually happened.

            You should spend less time on lowkick, and more time enhancing your 5th grade education.

      • Why would GSP not know the person he saw taking the belt. I would think that at this point he knows anyone who would have been sent to get the belt. He's only worked for the company for the better part of a decade.

        • I don't know who he knows or doesn't know, but it would be ridiculous for the UFC to go steal his belt from his locker. Think about how absurd that is, there is nothing to gain from doing that.

          Furthermore, it's irresponsible to say "The UFC did it", who exactly at the UFC is he talking about? Is he saying Dana White ordered this?

          This is GSP speculating in the media headlines, throwing the UFC under the bus.

    • LOL yeah, GSP didn't make them enough money so that he could keep his last title defense & the WW record at that. Just like how the UFC wanted GSP to not attend the press conference, I'm sure them taking the belt had a little something to do with it & GSP wanting to take time off to sort **** out. The UFC/Dana have shwon their true colors with this GSP incident. Like the article states, Lorenzo was the one who told Dana to STFU & that GSP didn't owe them a single thing. I hope GSP doesn't come back to fight, as much as I'd like to see him fight again, I'd love to see him not make the UFC another cent!

  • Johnny Hendricks is laughing right now wearing the belt infront of a big glass mirror hamming it up for instagram.

    • That is the only way that fool will get the belt around his waist.

    • lol DJ, funny visual

  • It's not the UFC's fault, they needed the money.

  • Ebay

  • Cmon guys chael took it! I means he had fake belts before and he was on the same card just saying.

  • I think Joe Rogan took that belt for sure! He was way bias at commentating in that fight in favor of Hendricks.

  • I'm unclear of what really happened, here.

    If we go look at the post-fight press conference, GSP is at it, showered and changed, and with the belt; clearly it's in front of him at the presser.

    The way I understand it each champion has and keeps, one belt per victory. So, Anderson Silva would have 12 belts in his home, for example and GSP would have 11, plus one interim belt, if those count.

    If his belt was taken from him in the locker room, perhaps they were just taking it to the press conference or doing something else with it, but I doubt seriously that they "took" it from him. He won it fair-and-square and the UFC would have no reason or cause to seize it. Further, GSP didn't make his decision final until he got back from vacation; post UFC 167. As such, he was still the active champ when he left the MGM Grand and up until his conference call and official announcement, a few weeks ago.

    Again, the belt was in front of him at the press conference, my guess is that it's in his home or office, now. Rush vacated his title, not his UFC 167 win and subsequently not the belt he successfully defended. When Lawler and Hendricks square off in March, it will be for a new belt and one that wasn't taken from Rush.

    Every champion who has ever won a UFC title must have the belt(s) to prove it. It would be a pretty crappy thing for a fighter like Silva, GSP or Chuck Liddell for example, to point to a blank wall and say…"See, I was a UFC champion once."

    To the best of my knowledge, I believe that's how it works. However, if it's not and they really were trying to take the belt from him and Rush retrieved it, which he must have, that would be a pretty lousy way to treat one of the promotion's biggest stars and certainly its largest PPV draw.

    There are belts and then there is the official belt. GSP no longer hold the official belt. That's Lawler's and Hendricks's belt to fight over, now.

    • ROB


  • "White has since gone on record as saying that he now believes St. Pierre was the victor, apologizing to the champ for his brashness."

    WRONG. WRONG. Kristof Midoux went on record claiming that happened. Dana white is not "on record" anywhere saying that.

    • i think on a press conference he said it, cant remember exactly which one but its true and it was after Lorenzo did the interview with Ariel, so its around that time lime

      • ROB

        Bottom LINE GSP worked his ass for D-Bag Dana, and dana would of done anything for GSP as long as he’s with the UFC. If you think about retirement then you LOST your a D bag, you have to defend the belt. DANA SUCKS C__K.

  • Dana? Is that you?

  • UFC s.h.i.t.s on everybody.
    would very much like to see Dana retiering from MMA and the whole UFC go under…
    the fighters should take a p.i.s.s on UFC and leave for Bellator…

    • Ya and make way less money. Cause you know, despite the ufc paying way more than all the other guys the fighters should leave for less money to make some emo fans happy.

      • yes they can pay bigger salaries because they have the best fighters which gives them their income. IF fighters would leave for bellator the fans and the incomes goes there and they can pay bigger salaries.
        fighters make the sport not the promotors…

  • Am I the only one that thought there was just one belt that got passed around to the winner, and when they lost they no longer had it?

    • ROB

      Yes you must be. Don’t you remember GSP saying he gave one of his belts to his Mother

  • ROB

    Can you imagine the UFC STOLE GSP’s BELT. YOU STRUCK A NEW LOW.

  • Axel Nahanee

    I think this story has to be bullshit, I don’t want to believe that the UFC is that petty, Another possibility is someone who worked at the venue stole the belt and for some odd reason GSP failed to report it, let’s face it these belts are not 16 pounds of gold, that would be close to mid 6 figures for each belt, So Unless I hear the words come from GSP I will not believe. If it’s true the UFC has no right to take any belt away from anyone you have to fight to get those belts GSP paid for that belt with his Blood and technique

    • Alec Hernandez

      Actually the belts are worth around $300,000. Maybe even more depending on the holder. Conor’s belt might be worth $350,000 where as Rafael Dos Anjos’ belt might be worth $300,500 because he’s not as popular. They are made of real gold and I don’t believe that the belt was stolen from GSP cuz who in their right mind wouldn’t report pounds of gold stolen