Georges St. Pierre’s Departure From A Fan’s Point-Of-View

Georges St. Pierre’s Departure From A Fan’s Point-Of-View


I am and have been for a very long time, an unabashed Georges St. Pierre fan.

I, along with the throng of his devoted fans, have never missed a single one of his fights and together, we form the core of his pay-per-view audience. In short, we his fans, have been diehard supporters of “Rush” throughout the years and we would never have relinquished the watch.

He has thrilled and impressed over his tenure, and fans would be hard tasked to identify a better champion. He faced the best of the best, never dodged or ducked a fight or a fighter, and has set marks in the record book that will be difficult for any successor to match; in or out of his division.

Yet, as all good things come to an end, so too has it come to an end for Rush and his fans. As we all learned yesterday, the welterweight champion has decided to pack it in; at least for the foreseeable future.

Vacating the belt and stepping away from a title that he’s held uninterrupted for nearly six years, the champ has left his fans with a hole in their collective hearts, to be sure. However, there is a silver lining for Rush’s fans in his leaving.

For the first time in many years GSP’s fans can cheer for another fighter at 170. That might not seem like a big deal to some, but to the champ’s fans it is. There are many great fighters in the division that deserve support, but like the title that St. Pierre has had locked up for years, so too has Rush kept his fans away from the prying hands of challengers to his throne. However and as of yesterday afternoon, those fans are now up for grabs. As such, it’ll be a refreshing change for the champ’s fans to be able to place their affections elsewhere; to shop around if you will and find a new home for their hearts.

Fighters that are apt to benefit from an uptick in fan support are likely to be Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler, Rory MacDonald and Nick Diaz. Johny Hendricks might pick up some of Rush’s fans, but probably not a great many. Rush’s crew are apt to remember his negative comments about the champ, and as many feel that he complained too much post his loss to Rush or offered up too many excuses for it, they’re not likely to go running off to him in droves to support him. To the point directly, Rush’s fans will probably be pulling for Robbie Lawler to beat “Bigg Rigg” on March 15th, in Dallas.

Beyond the freedom to support a new fighter / fighters in the division, GSP’s fans will no longer have to suffer his detractors and haters. For years and over seven consecutive decision victories, Rush’s fans have defended the honor of their fighter in online forums and any gathering of MMA fans that could be found or brought together. They have been passionate and relentless in their support of him, and have never cried about the decision streak. Yes, it would be fair to say that they’ve mused as to how to correct it and even stated that they would like to see the champ finishing fights, but nonetheless, they never left his side; never wavered once. Truly, his fans have been loyal. However and on that note, it will be a release for them to be able to put the gauntlet down. As Georges has become tired of all the naysayers, his fans have become equally tired of their battles defending him. On this issue, Rush’s fans won’t mind the silence.

In reflecting upon it, where the champ’s fans may have once dreaded the day of his retirement, it now seems like an easy and natural thing to accept. He exits with his health, reputation, record and title intact, and he has become fabulously wealthy in doing so. He has become an icon of the sport and is a national hero to his Canadian fans. In short, his departure, like his shot, is perfectly timed.

As Rush has always let it be known that he wants to get married and start a family, now does seem to be the right time for him to make another of his life’s dreams come true. His fans most assuredly wish him all the best in whatever future endeavours he may elect to pursue and if he chooses to come back in two or three years, then he’ll be greeted as a beloved son, returned. However and that said, fans should not expect Rush to simply drop of the radar screen. He is apt to be a fixture at UFC shows and events, and none of us should be surprised if he begins participating in tournaments such as the Abu Dhabi Combat Club. The ADCC would be a great place for Rush to not only keep his feet in the MMA waters, but also to test and improve his grappling skills.

All in all, it was a heck of a ride and his fans thank him for it. Sadly though, it’s time for him to rest his career and time for his fans to move on and find a new champion.

Long Live The Champ!

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  • enjoylife321

    We are going to see alot of new champions emerge….I don't see one guy holding the welterweight belt the way GSP did.

    • MagicMMA

      The rankings just got a big shakeup, everyone moved up a spot in pound for pound and welterweight

  • Mike Drahota

    I agree. Good article Brian.

    • Bruce Lee


    • Brian Cox

      Cheers, boss.

  • jdnextchamp

    Love the ADCC idea !

  • toxic

    well written article!
    the timing couldnt have been better to hang up the gloves for the best WW of all times and IMO the best pound for pound fighter as well.
    he reigned supreme in the toughest divison in the UFC and will remembered forever.
    He had nothing more to prove.. be fighting the same fighters all over again would have been a waste of time..
    I bet noone will ever get close to beating his record.
    thanks for the show GSP!!

    • falcon4917

      Depends what record. Silva has the best record but in WW nobody beats GSP for sure so far. He is a great role model for MMA and is likely the best athlete to have competed in the sport. I hold short on his p4p "fighter" status but certainly feel he is p4p athlete of MMA. I wish him all the best and respect what he has done even if I disliked his style.

      • Brian Cox

        Falcon, my Irish friend, I would love to buy you a pint and have this debate. Over a traditional fry-up, we could hash it out (no pun intended), and settle the debate.

        As I have nothing better than to defend his record, I'll welcome the discourse all day long. Past a few shots of whiskey and some oyster's on the half-shell, I'm sure you'd succumb to the merit of my defense of Rush's record, which is to say, that it's better than Anderson's .

        There are not Pate Cote fights, nor any Thales Lates or any Demian Maia bouts, to be considered.The promotion's president never said to one of his corner…"here, you put it on him" and walk out of the arena. He never fought anyone that was not a challenge to his skill set, which would be the argument against fighters like Chris Leben, Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, James Irvin, as well as the three aforementioned fighters.

        In a nutshell, I count but a few serious challengers that Silva has faced, where every fighter that Rush faced, was a threat to take his title. I'd further add, that the moment that Silva ran into a truly serious challenge, Chris Weidman, he failed.

        Further still, I don't think he could survive a run though the top three fighters in his division, past Weidman; Vitor Belfort, Jacura Souza & Lyoto Machida. And please note, that Silva will use the "I won't fight my friend" argument as an excuse to not take the fight. Yet sadly, two of his friends that he won't fight, Machida and Munoz, had no problem with it.

        Summing up Falcon, Silva's record on paper, which is to say a simple spreadsheet, is impressive. However, if a GSP fan picks it apart, it doesn't stand the test.

        Yes, Silva has a great finishing rate, but he's fought a lot of (divisional) tin cans and one's that were no real threat to him. On the other hand, every fighter Rush faced could have stolen his crown.

        In comparing the two records, GSP has clearly faced greater challenges.

        Either way on the debate, I pick up the tab for breakfast, my friend.

        • grandslam

          Nice try Brian. However, you are way off the line by comparing Silva and GSP. I am a fan of both but GSP is nowhere close to Silva as a fighter. GSP had a great run in the WW devision but his fighting style was rather "same old same old". Silva on the other hand, was and probably still is one of the most talented finishers in the UFC. Silva does not fear loosing unlike GSP.

          When Silva enters the Octagon he finishes the business. Not lay and pray!

          • Brian Cox

            Grand, the only thing that I can say to that is there will be three for breakfast. :-)

        • falcon4917

          Actually almost all of GSPs fighters he faced played into his plan as well but other lesser fighters were able to finish guys GASP couldn't. Silva was the guy that destroyed people that everyone else couldn't. Dan Hardy is barely a fighter, BJ was way undersized, Everyone GSP has faced has been short on reach against him and any that had a decent reach had no TDD to match GSP and so guess where the fight goes? Silva beat the best at their own game sometimes. First time GSP faced a guy like Dan Henderson was Hendricks and a lot of people think he lost that, Silva destroyed Dan. I laugh at people that think Bonnar and Griffin are cans when they have nearly defeated Jones and held the belt respectfully. Anderson destroyed them like they were Roy Nelsons cheeseburgers. Your a cool guy Brian, but GSP is no Silva and he doesn't have the God given stuff Silva is made of.

          • toxic

            yes silva has reigned viciously in the weakest division counting from LW while GSP has reigned in the toughest and most competetive..
            anderson got a lot for free with a lot of mediocre oppnents in his title defences while GSP only had Dan Hardy as an easy challenge.
            anderson is and will be the best MW of all times though…

          • grandslam

            Toxic, First of all it is quite Dumb of you to think like that. Please remember, Silva made that division look week. Look at the division without Silva. There are at least 4 legit title contenders and all of them are as good as each other… None of them are or ever have been as good as Silva.

            It was like when Roger Fedrer was dominating the mens tennis, no other player could measure unto him as the difference in skills were poles apart.

          • falcon4917

            Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Okami, Griffin, Bonnar, Vitor, Sonnen, Leben, Leites, Maia, and Nate Marquardt stack up to anything Welterweight has or GSP has faced. WW seems tougher because it doesn't have Silva. Most of GSPs fights played right into his strengths(taken down and held down) while Silva was able to win from any position and finish. GSP couldn't finish Dan and then Chris Lytle and Carlos did. Silva finished guys that had never been finished and KO'd guys that had never been KO'd and Submitted guys that had never been submitted. GSP also had way more advantages in terms of size and reach and strength over his opponents than Anderson had. It's not even close guys.

          • falcon4917

            Most people that think GSP is p4p king are Canadian, everywhere else in the world is massively in favor of Anderson.