Georges St. Pierre: I’m not going to "Rush" things against Carlos Condit

Georges St. Pierre: I’m not going to "Rush" things against Carlos Condit


UFC Welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre discussed his future encounter with Carlos Condit in Montreal, Canada. GSP looked back at his rehabilitation process, and the change in state of mind that now says “health is the most important thing in life”.

St. Pierre also declared he’s not going to rush things against Carlos Condit, and just like in any other of his recent fights – patience will be the key. Still, the champ promised that if he sees an opportunity to finish condit, he will jump on it “as a lion”. GSP stated on numerous occasion that he’s working on improving his “killer instinct”.

The French-Canadian legend prepares for this fight at Tristar Gym in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, under the patronage of Firas Zahabi. GSP’s US-based mentor, Greg Jackson, will be neutral in light of his coaching relationship with Condit.

Come back to after the fight to see how things turned out for GSP.

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  • MereDictum

    Yea we all know George, you will come up with some Jackson-esq plan to bore the shlt out of us.

    Hope you get KTFO instead.

  •'emSock'em Rock’em Sock’em

    This is going to be a great match up. Condit is a killer, for real.

    GSP has been criticized a lot for the way he wins, but that’s just it – he wins.
    No one likes lay and prey and GSP said it after the Hardy fight ” it’s up to the fighter to make the fight go where he wants.”
    I believe Condit has the discipline and skills set to stick to his game plan.
    This will be a tough fight – I have no idea how this is going to go.
    But I’m sure I will be told in moments….

  • Brian Cox

    Twelve days out, all I hope is that the fight goes off.

    Please, may GSP and Condit not sustain any injuries between now and fight night. The sport and the franchise needs this fight to happen. A great fight, regardless of the winner, would be a nice way to start closing out the year.

  • grapplure

    George “rush” Safe-Pierre

  • grapplure

    lay and pray go to gsp

    as anderson silva goes to jedi

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Onemoreround, Get rid of the “Rush” part and you’ll get the name down pat.

    Georges Safe-Pierre is extremely focusing on his secretive game plan, Lay-N-Pray.

    Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit, on the other hand, is focusing on his prey.

  • Jem

    George Safe Pierre. Last time he actually finished a fighter was Jan 31, 2009! Hope he gets KTFO.

  • Bruce Lee

    I love Condit but- St. Pierre by submission.

  • kungfurule

    If I said I was just gonna say that i guess it would be redundant….Gsp rnd 4 by super man punch then lol

  • Switchkick

    Its pretty hard to believe that gsp would submit condit considering he has never been finished. Gsp couldn’t finish dan hardy despite being in many sub positions. Gsp only loses have been when he has been finished sub by hughs and tko by sierra, so they only way to beat him is to change your name to matt and you have a chance.

  • cranestyle

    Seems to me I can remember GSP getting his eye poked so badly, he couldn’t see and after the fight got a medical suspension, yet still managed to beat Shields.

    Thiago Alves, pulled groin muscle, yet he still dominated. I don’t call that boring, I call that having the heart of a champion.

    And when every thought he would “lay and pray” against Koscheck, including Koscheck, I remember GSP standing with Josh and turning his face into hamburger.

    So if you think GSP’s fight are boring and all he does is lay and pray, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    And I am entitled to my opinion, which is that you should go watch WWE, where all the fights are “exciting” and leave MMA to real fans.

  • InfiniteEnigma

    quit weaking those first couple statements…that is as true as it gets. i am tired of safe pierre…he better bring it, and throw down, or get ktfo…seriously. i have not practiced in 15 years, and i would fight him now, simply because i know he wont hurt me.

  • Cookie77

    Winning is never boring..

  • MereDictum

    Winning is ALWAYS boring when it’s by dry-hump.

  • cranestyle

    Guess you have an orbital bone made out steel then.

  • cranestyle

    Another thing that people don’t factor into GSP’s fights is that the guys who fighting him are fighting a dominant champion. It changes how a lot of them fight.

    Same thing happens to Silva and Jones. Opponents will fight not to lose, or even worse, not get embarrassed.

  • cranestyle

    Dry humping is what Fitch does, at least up until his last fight. GSP ground and pounds people’s faces into hamburger.

    The last time he fought BJ, who was still considered top 5 p4p at the time, he made his corner throw in the towel. When was the last time that happened in a big fight?

    Or maybe your MMA awareness doesn’t extend back three years.

  • MereDictum

    Most people judge fighters based on how they fight currently, not past history (unless you’re doing a “How Will History Judge FIghter X” peice).

    If you want to revel in the past and admire the old GSP, go for it. Heck, I miss that GSP.

  • fenomnx

    Having seen what GSP has already accomplished I am going to speculate a 3rd round submission victory.

  • rickjitsu

    You just jinxed it!!….now come here so I can armbar you!!!Lol…

  • rickjitsu

    Hopefully he actually hurts Condit to where he can get a sweet KO on him!

  • rickjitsu

    …my call is GSP in the 2nd by TKO.

  • KeithFarrell

    perfectly put, haters can’t argue with that logic

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    not only that, let’s add to it a bit.
    he beat the living crap out of jon fitch, he made bj’s corner throw in the towel, he also would have tapped almost anyone besides dan hardy in that armbar n kimura (he is missing killer instint to go that extra length to snap it though) .. and let’s not forget, he’s been #1 for how long? he’s constantly fighting the #2 guy all the time, if you let him fight hmmmm jay hieron again lol or some of the lesser known guys, you dont think he’d finish them??

    thiago alves was destroying everyone, comes in to fight gsp, and looks like a kid and he’s fighting an injured gsp. same for every otherfighter, notice how they usually are destroying everyone, get to gsp, get handled like an infant, and then arent to be heard of again. he’s been doing it forever, and will tcontinue to do so, and those who don’t see the ‘beauty’ in how he just makes people look terrible in the octagon, well i agree, mma is not for you. There’s a reason pat barry vs lavar johnson fights make it to main cards, and it’s for that wow, then there’s the actual elite talent that it’s harder to come by fantastic finishes. and go ahead and bring up the anderson silva argument, but his bread and butter IS MUAY THAI, of course he has more exciting, Georges is wrestling gnp positional groundfighting… its not ‘less good’ it’s different, and truthfully, it’s better. If anderson fought the way he does against an elite muay thai fighter im sorry but he will get hurt, i dont mean mma version of elite muay thai, i mean, REAL elite, let him try that against a 185lb buakaw or something.. you’d see him stop dancing pretty quick. Whereas if gsp fought buakaw, he’d do what he always does, take him down n beat him down…i pray to god gsp vs silva happens, because I know gsp will totally outclass anderson, and no way does anderson sub gsp like he did to sonnen,

  • DKMcGrath

    de mos emprtan ting is de helt-gsp

  • David Saucier

    almost almost and almost, not to mention GSP greased in the Penn fight making BJ’s guard useless

  • PSilva

    GSP is such a great ambassador for such a great sport. I’m a huge fan of Condit, but I think it’ll be GSP via TKO in the 3rd.

  • Kris-tyahn

    LOL – why dont you show us & especially GSP how its done tough guy! If you get bored by his fights, it’s b/c you are an idiot & you know NOTHING about MMA. It’s not boxing or street figthing, you want to see KO’s all the time go to youtube & watch morons like you get KTFO. LOSER!

  • Kris-tyahn

    For a guy who plays it safe, he sure does win all the time & injures his oponents pretty severely, imagin if he didn’t play it safe?!? I never knew you could break someones face by playing safe. That’s how intelligent your comment really is …. it’s so moronic & uneducated you have 38 WEAK compared to 18 “sharp” – thats how educated you are. I think he played prety safe vs. BJ Penn too right? THe guy was concused & couldn’t remember anything after the 2nd round, that sure has “safe” written all over it. Another uneducated NOOB, you & MERE should show all of us how to fight, it’s pretty easy to sit behind your computer & play with your lil jello ****, so why not make a youtube video & show us how to be a “real man” & fight, I’m sure you got a lot of experience, who’s undefeated right?!?

  • Kris-tyahn

    I bet that was around the last time you got laid, keep hoping JEN. Condit loses 4th Round TKO is he lasts that long, we sure as hell know you can’t.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Get ride of “under & greatness” and you got it. This is how intelligent your post is ….. “lay-n-pray” – How much time did he spend on the ground/”lay-n-pray” in his last 2 fight/50 mins?!? Maybe a total of 2 mins … maybe? WOW you know so much about MMA, I mean a guy who stands for 48 mins out of 50, is considered a lay-n-pray, well thanks for clearing that up. For a second I would have considered the last 2 fights to be a stand up fight, but according to your logic/facts, being on the ground for 2 mins out of 50 is definitely lay-n-pray.

    Thanks for the free lesson dummy, I sure would have hated to post a comment on a web site, only to make myself look like a complete idiot who had no idea what I was talking about ….. ohhh I’m sorry, that was you who’s comment makes absolutely no ****ing sense …… GSP is a lay-n-pray fighter who fought his last 2 fights on the feet. I suppose his fight vs. Hardy was a stand up war with no submission attempts right?!? WOW, you sir are an idiot, an uneducated one at that.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Yeah when you fight 1 diemnsional CANS at LHW who arent even ranked, and one guy was semi retired. WOW that fight must have been hell for Silva. To fight a guy whos NEVER been a #1 contender, let alone a champ, hasnt fought in 11 months & never trained in 11 months either. Silva must have been up nights, worried about losing to a Big & Slow washed up “retired” fighter, the balls on Silva are uncomparable. The suposedly GOAT figthing CANS @ LHW, this guy sure is a legend, to go laong with his padded resume of fighting mostly bums @ MW …. ohhh sorry, smaller bums @ MW. And then thinks he has the right to pick & choose who he fights @ MW …. what a wrestler? A.S: “Forget it Weidman, you are a no name, I only want big name fights, like Steven Bonner” – Ed Soares: “Anderson his name is Stephan Bonnar, you know the guy who hasnt fought in a year & has absolutely NO wrestling credentials.” Anderson the CAN CRUSHER Silva, he sure is a Jedi, fighting those “world class” BUMS in the weakest division in all of MMA. Imagine if GSP got to fight smaller cans like Silva has the majority of his career.

    GSP fights guy who went undefeated for 5, 6 & 7 yrs & then makes them look average, not to mention he’s fought and EMBARESSED 4 fighters who were on the top 10 P4P list. How many P4P fighters did Silva fight?!? ZERO ohh yeah I forgot. Whats the longest streak any of Silva’s oponents were on?!? 4 or 5 wins in a row! WOW, those oponents must have been incredible, to go 5 straight fights without losing & then Silva would beat them, I don’t believe it.

    I thought GSP spanking guys who went 8, 15 & 16 fights in a row was impressive, but yeah Anderson’s oponents were B level fighters, while GSP’s were only World Class. Silva beats up & challenges smaller fighters, while GSP fights & owns bigger fighters.

    Silva is so “tough” he likes to challenge himself so much, when he moves up to LHW, not only does he fight big & slow CANS, but they cannot have any wrestling background, that’s how good Silva is. 1moreRound ….. BAHAHAHA I’m sure you’ve never competed in your life & you still live with mom in the basement …. loser!

  • Kris-tyahn

    I predict a 4th Round TKO (GSP of course), but submission might jsut be dead on! If Condit gets lucky, b/c of the long lay off, he’ll win in the first 2 rounds, if not, he doesn’t win. He certainly doesn’t win a decision over GSP. Though, I’d love to see GSP beat Condit like he beat Fitch for 5 rounds, that would be exciting.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Yeah I know people think GSP’s BJJ is “weak” b/c of the Hardy fight, but if you noticed, he didnt do any damage to Hardy, GSP just wanted to force the submission, rather than do it by technique. He was too “excited” b/c he knew Hardy had a 1% chance of landing that punchers chance “prayer”. Had GSP GnPed Hardy a little, I’m sure he could have gotten a submission, but he tried to out muscle Hardy & it never worked. I guarantee you, he can sumit Condit, sure Condit has many finishes & only has a few losses, but when Condit has fought ranked WW’s (top 10) he either won a close decision or lost. He barely beat Ellenberger & Ellenberger took that fight on 2 weeks notice I believe, he lost to Kampmann & he barely beat Diaz, so it’s not like Condit finished any top 10 fighters, he’s finished a few decent fighters, but none that were ranked at the time he fought them. He was very fortunate to have gotten the win vs. Rory MacDonald – I mean come on, 7 secs left & the ref stops the fight?!? That’s a rematch I’d love to see.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Exactly dude, your just talking to the same dozen idiots who do not understand MMA, and they think that in order to be good/entertaining is to finish the fight. Yet, I dont see any of them in the Octagon showing GSP or any of us how it’s done. He only spanked Fitch who was untouchable for 6 yrs & Shields who Henderson couldn’t even finish with his Hendo Right hand, but GSP should have finished him with 1 eye, yet people couldnt beat him for 7 yrs with 2 good eyes. Just like GSP tearing his groin vs. Alves and still fought the 4th & 5th with half a groin & still easily took him down, not to mention Alves out weighed GSP by 20+lbs, but hey, the haters would have finished all of these world class fighters who went 5.6.7 yrs undefeated, that’s why they are trolling MMA sites from the comfort of their parents basement, just saving up so they can show GSP how it’s done.

  • azzkika

    At last a proper MMA fan who knows the score/ Right with ya Kris but these bum nuggets would rather watch Kimbo vs pea pod rather than a guy like GSP dominate world class fighters consistently.

  • azzkika

    Tough to call this one IMO. I know some think Condit was awful against Diaz but I thought he was OUTSTANDING!!! He executed a perfect gameplan for which Diaz had no answer. His striking versatility and timing was on another level to Diaz and this is a great test for GSP. I still gotta go with GSP however, if he’s fully fit and no ring rust he’s been there and done it so many times and will likely have a gameplan that Condit has no answer for.

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again for the Brock clingons who deride one of the greatest fighters of all time, this is a superfight in it’s own right on a par with Edgar Aldo. If your so called GOAT wants a superfight on a par with this he gotta go see JBJ.