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George Sotiropoulos Says Ross Pearson Is Lying About TUF Brawl


TUF Smashes pitted team Australia, led by George Sotiropoulos, against team UK, led by Ross Pearson. The show was not short in drama on and off stage, as is usual with TUF, but Pearson claimed recently that Sotiropoulos instigated a back stage brawl during filming and was knocked out by a team UK coach.

The coach in question is Erin Beach, also an MMA fighter, whom Pearson claimed was sucker punched by G-Sot. Pearson continued to say that, in self defense, Beach knocked out Sotiropoulos with one punch. A claim that Sots says never even happened, during a recent statement to MMA Mania.

It’s time to set the record straight with Ross Pearson‘s false statements.There was no shortage of drama produced both on and off the set of TUF Smashes.

The incident he describes started with Team UK coach Erin Beach inviting me to fight and directing bold statements towards me on twitter. The following was a confrontation that ended with Beach unsuccessfully seeking refuge in a locked closet, followed with hiding behind a pregnant woman in the producers office.

At no stage was anyone knocked out, locked out or tapped out. Pearson was not present and did not witness the creative story he speaks of.

I’m bewildered as to why Pearson continues to talk about me four months after our fight. He continues to focus and obsess with great enthusiasm and is obviously thinking more about me than I am thinking about him. His problem not mine. If he seeks a rematch I’ll gladly oblige him sometime in the future.

Pearson, who was last seen in action knocking out Ryan Couture in Sweden at UFC On Fuel, doesn’t hide his disdain for the Aussie lightweight. ‘Real Deal’ sites the brawl as the reason that he never shook G-Sot’s hand after he knocked him out at UFC On FX, back in 2012.

Whatever the case, it seems these two still harbour bad feelings towards each other and may be setting the way for a rematch in the future. Although the likeliness of that happening in the near future may be slim, unless Sotiropoulos can save his career from the three fight skid he is currently riding.

  • I'm more inclined to believe person, but never judge a book…

  • @Rory….good update, love to see a rematch !

  • Never liked Sots that much, just felt he always came off really arrogant but I can only judge from what I see, which is miniscule compared to his day to day life.

    That being said, I find it hard to believe that the guy ran away and hid in a closet and then hid behind a pregnant woman. Even so, should Sots not have just let it go if the guy was running scared like a child?

    George never had a great chin but it did seem curios that every time his jaw was touched he went jelly legs or got dropped

  • George is such a prick. I don't believe a word he says.

  • I like pearson more than sots but if pearson doesn't actually say he was there then this story is likely closer to the sots perspective and I doubt anyone was knocked out. Pearson is had a better perceived attitude in the series though.