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*UPDATED* Wanderlei Silva plays April Fools’ Joke, Mousasi awaits ruling on Gustafsson


Swedish medical officials were supposed to be 99% sure they would not approve Alexander Gustafsson to fight Gegard MoUSAsi next Saturday. Apparently, however, the story has quickly changed as Ariel Helwani revealed that MoUSAsi was indeed planning on making the trip to Sweden via Twitter:

Very good news for fight fans, who may have initially feared a vast downgrade of the UFC’s latest foray into Sweden. The whole debacle is beginning to come off as quite strange, as medical officials from the SMMAF declared Gustafsson needed a number of weeks to heal just last night.

But the uncertainty (and perhaps suspect timing as well) of the story takes a backseat to the news of the bout being back on. Instead of having the main event effectively ruined, fans will still get to see a bout between two of the world’s best young light heavyweights. 


Rumors are swirling abound that Wanderlei Silva is ready and willing to replace Alexander Gustafsson and fight Mousasi should he be needed. Mousasi gladly accepts the bout and will fight either opponent:

Dana White, however, remains stalwart that Gustafsson vs. Mousasi will still go off without a hitch. The odd scenario will continue to unfold until we receive some sort of definitive answer.


While it’s dot the definitive answer we’re all looking for, Wanderlei Silva apparently played an April Fools’ Joke on us all with his outlandish tweets about fighting Mousasi yesterday, who was indeed ready to go. Wand posted this on his Instagram account:

I catch you wand the best April first ever!! But I would like this to be true!!! O melhor primeiro de Abril ever,+ so nao vou por que o UFC nao me ligou + eu gostaria que isso fosse verdade!!! Bom dia

So the saga continues. SMMAF officials are hoping to have a concrete decision on Alexander Gustafsson’s cut today.

  • It would be great to see this fight still happen, but I hope Gustafsson is not risking his career to save the fight card.

    • I wouldn't be too worried about that, it's just a cut, not an actual injury. The only thing he's really risking is losing a BS decision if he starts leaking like a tap.

  • If Gustafsson is badly cut going into the fight, an elite striker like Moussasi will just re-open the wounds and there will probably be a blood-stoppage in round 1 or 2, Gustafsson should not take this fight just to please his home crowd because if he loses it's back to square one and all his efforts over the last 2 years or so will be wasted.

  • I just heard that Wandy might replace him if he can't go.

    • I bet you're so bright your mother calls you "sun"….

  • The fight will happen not sure why this post was made at all.

  • Thanks Wandy, nobody wants you as a replacement anyway.

  • Not funny?..