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Gegard Mousasi Calls Out Lyoto Machida, But Dana White Has Other Plans


Lyoto Machida sent shockwaves through the UFC middleweight division when he knocked out Mark Munoz with an emphatic first round headkick at last night’s UFC Fight Night 30 in Manchester, England.

The statement win opened up litany of avenues for “The Dragon” to take at 185-pounds, and already top-level fighters are calling his name. After last night’s bout, former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi tweeted to various media outlets that he is looking to make an impact at MW and wants to fight Machida:

Mousasi was last seen defeating late fill-in Ilir Latifi at UFC on Fuel TV 6 after Alexander Gustafsson was unfortunately pulled from their bout due to a cut. Mousasi has been on the shelf since April after undergoing surgery on his knee. He’s long been rumored to make the move down to 185-pounds; there’s no better time than now.

With former UFC light heavyweight champion Machida set to take the division by storm, a bout with Mousasi could deliver an exciting fight. Mousasi has a well-rounded game that is centered on his top-shelf kickboxing, but would he be able to withstand the multitude of strikes from “The Dragon?” Mousasi may have a slight edge when it comes to submissions.

Then again, we may never get to witness this bout, or at least not for a while. After UFN 30, UFC President Dana White spoke up about the fight he wants to see Machida in next:

“I think, and I’m just talking here as a fan, not as a promoter, I think a lot of people want to see him and Vitor Belfort. That would be a fun fight. Vitor’s got to win down in Brazil. And who knows, (Machida) could fight someone else before that. But I’m just saying, as a fan, and speaking for many fans, that’s the fight they want to see. At least that’s what everyone was screaming at me on the way out of the arena tonight.” – via MMA Junkie

Indeed that is a great match to make. The speed and power of both Machida and “The Phenom” could turn out to be one of the finest battles of strikers the UFC has ever seen. Belfort is facing Dan Henderson at light heavyweight in the main event of November 9’s UFC Fight Night 31 in Brazil; should a Belfort loss have any effect on the prospect of fighting Machida at middleweight?

Henderson hasn’t been at the top of his game lately; he is also 43 years old. But he’ll always have that H-bomb in his pocket. It’ll be tough to derail the freight train that Belfort has become this year.

Regardless, Machida has two very interesting matchups in Belfort and Mousasi on the table. He sustained no damage in beating Munoz so he’ll likely be back in the cage soon. Who would you like to see “The Dragon” face off with next?

  • It's an interesting fight to be sure, but then again, so too, would be Machida / Souza.

    As a Belfort fan, he's earned his title shot and if he beats Henderson, why would he not get the winner of Weidman / Silva?

    This is just more BS, as far as giving Belfort another title shot at 185. The guy has crushed everyone they've put in front of him at the weight and did the company a huge favor by fight Jon Jones, and taking a predictable loss.

    Sorry man, but if Belfort beats Henderson his next fight should be for the title and not against Machida. To me, that's garbage. Let Machida fight Jacare Souza . That's equally an interesting fight and would establish who's in line to get the winner of a Belfort vs. Weidman / Silva fight.

    Fair is fair, man. Give the guy what he's earned.

    • I'm inclined to agree. Machida V Mousasi would be a great fight.

    • He kinda also did himself a favor with TRT. I say let Machida put him out of his misery.

      • smh

        • HA! I've seen "SMH" forever and wasnt sure what it meant. But in my case SMH means "silly me honestly"

      • Falcon: He'll lost to Hendo so it won't really matter.

  • I don't see how Mousasi has a ground advantage. He has more submission wins but Machida has vastly superior wrestling and I am going to bet his BJJ is better too. Regarding Belfort, here's a fun fact; If him and Machida fight it is Shotokan Karateka V Shotokan Karateka. Vitor is currently a purple belt to Machida's black.

  • Mousasi or Souza would be great!

  • I hope he' improved since King Mo man handled him. After that fight, his hype was crashed for me. Mo pretty much shut him down.

    • He already showed much improved wrestling in his fight with OSP… i'm sure he improved even more since than. Mousasi never had a "real" trainings camp til his last fight.. He was just naturally talented and a great striker. Now that he's taking training a lot more serious he's gonna be a force in the UFC.

  • Hate to say it, but Machida will knock his receded chin right off his face. His plodding in style will get him Ko'd. He's not fast on his feet, but is a decent striker.

    • Machida will have a hard time with Mousasi my friend…