Frankie Edgar recently made his first video blog surrounding his upcoming superfight versus Jose Aldo Jr. for the Featherweight title. While appearing to be in good spirits overall, Edgar did address Aldo. The longtime 145 lb. champ has made some videos of his own, stating that Edgar will not make it too far against him. Edgar thinks quite the opposite will happen, via Bloodyelbow:

"UFC 156 - superfight with Jose Aldo. You know, I'm hearing he's doing some video blogs in Portuguese saying I'm not gonna make it outta the first or second, third round whatever the case may be. Homeboy's got something coming though." 

This is a blockbuster title fight for the UFC's Super Bowl Weekend show. Who will emerge victorious in Las Vegas with the belt in hand? Be sure to check out LowKick after the fight is over for the full Aldo vs. Edgar fight video highlights