Frankie Edgar: 155 Reasons Full Trailer

Frankie Edgar: 155 Reasons Full Trailer


This trailer video from Gaspari Nutrition showcases former UFC Lightweight champion and his quest to retain his belt this August at UFC 150. The trailer is quite in-depth, speaking to Edgar’s trainers about his work ethic and willingness to fight in a tough weight class. Much has been made for the call for Edgar to move down to the Featherweight division. Edgar’s coach Renzo Gracie states that he has never seen someone train as hard as Edgar, while Ricardo Almeida makes an appearance to say that he still believes that “The Answer” won the first fight with Ben Henderson at UFC 144. Regardless, Edgar is now training hard for a great rematch, can he come back strong and beat the always tough Ben Henderson?

  • Gaspari Nutrition is a nice brand, but i was so disapointed by the Probiotic version of Myofusion, the formula and the taste isnt as good as the original Myofusion.

    Anyway Frankie Edgar should drink more Myofusion protein shakes and do more Squats if he wants to stan a chance against the big and strong legs of Ben Henderson. hahahaha

  • Good little video, Frankie has been away from the scene lately, hopefully he has been in Rocky mode and training like a beast.

  • Oh and I still think Frankie won the first fight with Bendo.
    Extremely close fight but after watching multiple times and being as unbiased as possible, I scored it for for Frankie three rounds to two.

    Not gonna hate if you think Bendo won as it was super close but anyone who says Bendo destroyed him or “mandhandled” him is crazy or didn’t watch the fight.

  • Its the damage Frankie incurred. People want to point to it as evidence he was hurting Frankie a lot, when in fact he only hurt Frankie once or twice. The broken nose came from the upkick, and Ben landed some punches too. But most of his strikes were kicks that Frankie caught, and the flurries at the end of the rounds where Ben went nuts on Frankie did very little in terms of punches that made contact.

  • they have some good stuff but i never understand why companys like that want to sponsor a ufc fighter, a large chunk of gaspari is geared towards products that would make edgars piss hot like prohormones and estrogen blockers, edgar probably just enjoys the free protein+creatine but it gives a bad image being associated with them

  • Video at 141… Idiot…. It’s not Ben Henderson fault Frankie fights at 155..

    Edgar is one awesome fighter…. Yet he lost to Ben Henderson, and he will loose again soon.

  • Maybe he will “loose” but he won’t lose…

  • Some guys just bruise and cut more than others as well.

    Frankie obviously took the biggest hit, being the up kick but he was the one who dropped Ben with the punch threw him down a couple of times and got the takedowns.
    People totally over-exaggerated how much Benson controlled him physically.

  • i think supplement compagnies are more and more interessted by MMA fighters, it started with MusclePharm which sponsor a lot of guys in the UFC, then Gaspari (Edgar, Ronda Rousey and Stann) and now even Labrada starts to sponsor MMA guys (Rothwell)

    But i disagree, it doesnt give a bad image, all those products are legals, the supplements are not designed only for bodybuilders.

    Anyway, nowaday a lot of MMA guys take steroids as much as the BB’ers lol

  • Edgar is p4p material for me. Henderson is a great fighter too but put him against GSP and see how he does as that is an equivalent size and strength disadvantage of Edgar and Henderson. I think Edgar won their first fight but one upkick cost him in a similar way the showtime kick cost Henderson in another close fight he had.

    Being as small as he is Edgar will often rely on pionts rather than finishing and as some have said if you watch the fight back and score the rounds properly Edgar won it.

  • I was waiting to see 155 reasons he should move down a weight class.

  • “I’d like to see Ben Henderson fight at 185 against Anderson Silva, cuz that’s what Frankie’s doing”

    Ummmm… How about “I’d like to see Frankie fight at 135, because according to you, that’s what HE should be doing.”