Frank Mir has never been shy in the lead up to his fights. The former heavyweight champion of the UFC has had plenty to say in regards to his next opponent, Daniel Cormier. Mir recently criticized Cormier's style, saying he lacked finishing abilities.

Mir's trash talk didn't go unheard as the former Strikeforce boss replied by saying he would beat up on Mir for 15 minutes. Well, it would seem the heated exchange is only just warming up, check out these snippets from an interview over at MMAFighting:

"[He has] nothing to lose. He goes out and fights somebody else that's lower ranked, and he comes out and loses, he loses a lot of stock. He goes out against me, changes levels, takes a shot. I guillotine him and choke him out in, let's say, 40 seconds. Does it really take anything away from his stock? No. He can still stand up and go, ‘Well guys, I got submitted by Mir, [joined] the laundry list of people that have been submitted by him. I'm going to go to light heavyweight.' And he still has all the same momentum he had when he first started. All his fans will be able to just remark on the fact that, ‘Well, you know, Mir caught him. He stepped in right off the bat. That's Mir, you know? Mir catches a lot of people.' So he can actually lose and not lose anything."

Mir is very confident in his submission game, as he should be, anyone who can submit Big Nog is clearly at the top of their game. Mir continued:

"If he's able to control the pace with his wrestling, and smother, control, it'll be a drawn out fight. If it's a fight with lots of exchanges and lots of chaos, I think that isn't where he'll do well. Anybody at heavyweight can hope for a knockout. But I hunt them down and see them. And as far as submissions go, if he makes a mistake, then I'll take one of his limbs home."

As always Mir sounds supremely confident, confidence which has seen him conquer many foes, but also he has been finished by strikes a few times. Heavy hands and great wrestling may give Cormier the edge on paper. Luckily for Mir, they don't happen on paper, they happen in a cage.

I've learnt to never count Frank Mir out. Not ever. I can't wait for this scrap!