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Forrest Griffin out of UFC 155 fight with Phil Davis


Octagon veteran Forrest Griffin joined the never-ending UFC injury list, and will no longer participate in the co-main event bout with Phil Davis at UFC 155.

Griffin has completely wrecked his knee, tearing MCL and straining his ACL tendons. Thirty-three year old fighter was hoping to make a statement against Davis, but will now have to face a long-term recovery. UFC President Dana White confirmed the news on Twitter:

It is yet to be determined whether the UFC will be able to find a replacement for Griffin, as not many fighters are overly excited to get inside the Octagon with Phil Davis on short notice. This could be an interesting opportunity for a fighter like Jimi Manuwa, who impressed MMA fans around the world with a dominant performance against Kyle Kingsbury back in September.

Forrest Griffin was originally scheduled to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 155, but this fight was scrapped after Sonnen was ‘promoted’ to face Jon Jones in April. UFC 155 injury list also includes Chris Weidman and Gray Maynard.

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  • injury curse!

  • If Bader is ready get him in there against Davis, about time the two college wrestling studs went at it in the octagon!

    • That would be a good fight.

      • and its gonna be a boring fight, for sure it would be a decision.

  • Any predictions on who they will replace him with?

    The UFC needs to implement a new rule: Two weeks out from an event, all fighters can only do cardio and engage in foxy boxing with octagon girls as to avoid potential injuries.

    This sucks.

    • chuck liddell

    • Humor aside, you raise an interesting point. Why doesn't The UFC begin to institute a rule about training prior to a fight, in an effort to cut down on scratches. If both fighters are / were held to only doing cardio, stretching, non-contact anything, whatever…it would probably help.

      Another thing that might help would be to identify replacement fighters, when the fight is announced. Fighter A to fight Fighter B….should either scratch the opponent will be…Fighter C. Why not? It would hep provide assurance that the card will not only go off, but what the bouts will be. It would also make it impossible for a fighter to turn down a fight, because he didn't like the match-up / substitute fight(er).

      No matter what, something should and needs to be done. If, for no other reason, than to prevent another / the 151 moment.

  • I'm not even surprised by injuries at this point anymore. I'd actually love to see Matt Hamill step in to replace Forrest.

  • This will probably mark the end of forrest. Thats a serious injury. He may be forced to hang it up now….It all depends on how bad he needs to money i guess as to whether we will see him make a return

  • i want to see texiera step in

    • sorry hes fighting rampage

      • i like that fight better anyways .. he should fight maldonado to see if his striking improved

  • This is getting god damned ridiculous

  • Unfortunate for Forrest, but wasn't exited for this fight at all!

  • Forrest be scared of dem pink tights.

  • @ 33 years old; This very well could be the end of forrest. Sad