Fight Of The Day: Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar

Fight Of The Day: Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar


Alistair ‘Demolition Man’ Overeem is a big, scary looking man and a talented fighter. More particularly, he was supposed to be a big, scary looking fighter and big star in the UFC. However, that hasn’t happened.

Entering the senior circuit in December of 2011 and as a former Strikeforce and Dream heavyweight champion, as well as being a Pride veteran and K-1 world champion, Overeem came to the UFC amidst much hype and hope.

However, none of it has really worked out for the charismatic Dutch fighter.

Since joining the promotion a little more than 24 months ago, the Demolition Man has gone 1 – 2 and looked, for the most part, awful over his two fights and subsequent losses. Beyond that, Overeem was sidelined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for nine months in April of 2012, when he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

In short, Overeem has, for the most part and aside from his first victory in the brand, been a complete bust in the promotion and now finds himself on the edge of possibly being cut by the franchise. As such, this weekend’s fight with Frank Mir, another fighter that’s on the UFC’s ‘do not revive list’, is a big one, if not must win scenario, for Overeem; as it is for Mir.

Overeem is riding a two fight losing streak and was KO’d in both instances. Tomorrow night, at UFC 169 in Chicago, Illinois, Overeem needs not only to win, but to demonstrate himself as being the fighter he’s hyped to be.

Mir is tailor made to give Overeem the fight that he needs to once again look spectacular in the Octagon and impress both White and the fans. Mir is not known for setting a high pace, nor is he known for being overly aggressive. Further, as Mir is not renowned for his wrestling skills he doesn’t stand as a big threat to Overeem in terms of taking him to the ground and using his (Mir’s) superior grappling skills to finish the fight.

Perhaps and more to the point, as Mir is not on Overeem’s level as a stand-up fighter, he poses little threat to the Demotion Man on the feet. Put it all in a blender and this is a bad fight for Mir and one very much suited to Overeem’s style. Resultantly, Overeem should be able to come out and impose the strategy he wishes and not have to worry too much about whatever Mir’s game plan might be.

The only caveat in all of it would have to be Overeem’s gas tank. As the Reem has had trouble in this area before, most recently with Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 26 back in August of last year, he has proven himself susceptible to gassing out and getting crushed.

However and with that said, the UFC has released Overeem’s one and only victory in the UFC, his KO defeat of Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in December of 2011, as way of a reminder of how great Overeem can look in the Octagon.

On the night, the Reem looked amazing. He came out and literally took Lesnar apart, dispatching the behemoth at the 2:26 mark of the first round of their match. Indeed, it was a glorious fight and finish for the Reem and one that he had predicted, in terms of its outcome and how he’d finish the fight; a left kick to the liver.

Through the fight, what little of it there was, Overeem showed Lesnar absolutely no respect and in doing so, bullied the bully. The Demolition man blew through Lesnar as if he wasn’t and wilted the giant with a series of devastating knees; all as he pushed Lesnar around the Octagon looking to set up the coups de gras that would be the finishing kick.

It was a brilliant performance and one that marked Overeem for great things in the UFC and come this Saturday night, Overeem will be looking to repeat the performance and as against an opponent that offers considerably less of a threat to him.

Mir is a tough fighter and a talented one to be sure, but for him to win this fight it will (probably) have to go to the ground and that’s going to prove a difficult task for the former UFC heavyweight champion to accomplish. Regarding the task, Mir might be wise to consider pushing the fight to the fence and jumping guard; something rarely seen in the UFC these days.

Either way, it should be a good fight and important test for both. As both are on losing streaks (Overeem at two and Mir at three) and possibly looking at being cut by the promotion, both are apt to be well motivated to be looking for, not just a win, but a decisive and impressive victory.

As a prelude to tomorrow’s Overeem vs. Mir fight, here’s Alistair’s 2011 crushing of  Brock Lesnar.  

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  • TheXperience

    He didn't look awful at all… as matter of fact he looked great until he gassed and couldn't even keep his arms up to defend himself in both those fights. Im happy he dropped a bunch of weight/unfunctional muscle mass and worked hard on his cardio for this fight. I expect him to be fast, nasty and brutal tomorrow. Check for the knees, elbows and most importantly, don't blink, this will be quick!

    • Brian Cox

      TE, I was really talking about the KOs' and perhaps I should have clarified the point, but I still really feel the same way about it, though. And I say that as an Overeem fan and one that picked him in both of his UFC losses.

      I thought he looked great for two minutes of the Browne fight, sure. However, in the Silva fight I thought he looked flat and of course, when the third came…man, I really don't know what that was all about..he just came out with his hands down and basically said, 'hit me.'

      I love the big guy, truly, but he really needs to demonstrate that he can go three to five hard rounds, and I'm just not seeing that right now.

      I think this is an easy win for Overeem, but Frank is a tough guy and can do the fifteen minutes. If Alistair hasn't addressed his cardio, then he's really a one or two round fighter and that' not going to cut it against a fighter like Cain Velasquez or JDS; to name a two.

      I think the other knock on the Reem might be the same as Lesnar, which is that he likes to bully, but not be bullied and he's not fond of being hit. To the point, he doesn't seem to be very good at taking a solid shot.

      He is a devastating striker to be sure, but I think he has yet to example that has both the heart and the conditioning to be the UFC's heavyweight champion. I think if he was given a fight with Cain, as based off of what we've seen over his last three fights, that Velasquez would rag doll him and he wouldn't make it out of the first round.

      I agree about the elbows, but more so about his knees. The guy is a freak, when it comes to throwing knees; no one does it better. He is to knees what David Loiseau was to elbows; an absolute nightmare. Travis Browne remarked on them post his UFN 26 fight and that he'd never felt anything like it before. And how Browne survived those shots, wow. It's testament to how tough and resilient Hapa is.

      And a big yes to the don't blink. Seriously, I give Mir as much chance in this fight as I would a mouse being put into a snake's cage; you're free to move about, but be leery of what's in the cage with you. I honestly don't see how Mir wins this fight. Frank is just too slow, not dynamic enough, not aggressive enough, not big enough, too everything…heck, he's too cerebral.

      I love Mir, I've been in his corner in every fight he's ever been in and never rooted against him. I've been a devoted fan of his for years, but I think Overeem is a mountain to high at this stage of his career. I don't see how he wins this fight, unless it's by act of God. I honestly feel like he's being fed to Overeem and in a 'let's get rid of the junk' fight. However, it is what it is now. I just have to wish both of them the best of luck and just sit back and enjoy.

      To be honest, if Frank were to be cut or Overeem for that matter, I'd be just as happy watching them fight in Bellator. It won't matter to me. There's enough over in BMMA to make the matches interesting. After
      all, if you like a fighter, then you like a fighter and it matters not the promotion.

      On another note, what do you think of TUF this year? As you are one of the few devotees of the show, I'd to get your opinion. Personally, I think the show sucks, has lost its purpose and has no storyline of interest.

      Enjoy the card tomorrow night.

    • Brian Cox

      PS: Meant to say, that this fight is one of my all-time favorite fights to watch. I couldn't think of another fight where I was so happy to see a fighter get beaten down. Lesnar finally got his comeuppance. Carwin nearly gave it to him and was, but unfortunately he gassed. Overeem…Overeem got the job done and then some. Seriously, I was so happy to see Lesnar lose and lose the way he did; ditto for the Velasquez fight; loved it.

      • TheXperience

        Yeah i loved it too !!! I agree the ending of those fights was most def. awful.. i think in both cases fatigue killed him and that's a damn shame! I'm happy he dropped a bunch of weight and focused on his cardio for this fight.

        I would like Mir to go to Bellator and have some sort of career there. He could probably be a champ over there.

        Now don't even get me started about TUF bro'… It just blows me away how horrible it is. Man it's so bad that TUF China is more entertaining and has better fights than TUF nations and THAT is saying a LOT! I see what they're doing though… they just try to put the names and faces out there, that makes their future cards easier to sell and also, they try to build the sport and have these up and comers go through a 6 week training camp during the show, to show them how they "should" be training. I think the majority of them leaves the show a much better fighter and that's one of the upsides of the whole TUF experience but as for "entertainment"… I couldn't care LESS about TUF Nations… i fast forward through that b*tch… same with TUF China. I pretty much only watch the fights. Not cause they're so great, but just so i've seen them and can b*tch about them! Lol…

        • Brian Cox

          TE, I couldn't agree more and if we were sitting in the room together, I'd happily throw you the remote and know you'd do the right thing; cut to the chase on this crap.

          Damn, it's like all these home renovation shows, storage wars shows, cooking shows, housewives shows, endless talent and Krapdashian shows…they take an hour to do what stepped-photography could accomplish in 30 seconds of display.

          I say this to you my MMA educated and discerning friend, fast-forward to the fight, let's get the to the point, and I'll go check on the wings in the oven and get us a fresh beer; ice cold, in a bottle and let's see a decent fight, man; win or lose, show-up; go out on your shield and TE & I will stand and salute you.

          Be good and enjoy what is going to be a great card tomorrow night, my friend.

          • TheXperience

            Lol.. yeah they're getting real silly with all these shows it's nuts, it's even crazier how many people actually watch that CRAP!

            Thanks man, you enjoy the stacked card too!

  • holycheapshit

    Offtopic: One hijack notion directed to the lowkick staff: With the increasing amount of long comments, could you please consider to widen the width of the comment section by 300% ?
    It's hard to read and as enjoyable as watching vertical phone vids on youtube.

    We are talking about HW fights: Fights are often quickly over, but in devastating fashion. In addition to that, you only need two losses or one bad fight in the UFC and you are done. Game over. That never made sense to me. You don't see that in any other combat sport and especially any other organization to such a degree.

    So I definitely don't share the opinion, that Alistair looked "awful" so far. He mauled Hapa so hard with knees in the first round, it would have been a legit stoppage. But it was Yamazaki, who is a inconsistent mystery to me. And the fight against Silva was a one sided beating in every single aspect up to the middle of the third round. If he had won, which everybody expected, he would have become champ. But this is not the a late night show hosted by Captain Obvious.

    A real "bust" in the UFC f.E. was Crocop as hard it is to admit as a fan.

  • Brian Cox

    I've thought the same thing about cutting fighters.

    Diego Sanchez is a great example. Sanchez loses his fair share of fights, but every fight is amazing. Diego could lose 10 fights in a row and I wouldn't care; I'd watch any fight he was in.

    When a fighter shows up and tries, gives it all that they have and throws it all on the line, win or lose, I want to watch them fight. Concordantly, win or lose, strings of great fights should be rewarded by way of a fighter's contract increasing, and not decreasing, and a fighter who always loses, but is epic in their losses, should never be cut.

    It's odd that fans would be to devoted to a sports team, the Toronto Maple Leafs for example, a club that hasn't won a cup since 1967 and stand behind them year in and year out, but if a fighter loses a couple in a row…that's it.

    For me, I love the sport and I love the fighters and winning and losing really doesn't mean much. It's about the fight and honor. There is nothing better than seeing two guys club on one another and then see them embrace as friends immediately afterward.

    Those picture of JDS post his two losses to Cain, with his face all smashed up and looking like he'd been in a car accident, but there he is smiling and hugging the man who just clubbed him for 5 rounds…makes my heart full. It's what I love about the sport. Two great athletes smashing on one another and then the moment the fight's over, it's nothing but respect; usually. I think it's awesome and something that we don't see in other sports or adult children's games, as I like to think of them.

    Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt, Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones, Randy Couture Chuck Liddell, et. al, it just doesn't get any better, than those fights, endings and the respect shown and given.

    Truly, it is the best sport in the world.

    As an aside, I'll mention the size of the text window; perhaps it can be enlarged.

    Cheers and enjoy tonight's card.

  • holycheapshit

    Ahh, the feels. ;]

    Thanks, you too! [And the thing about the text windows.]

    Have a nice one!