UFC Fight Night 38 Preliminaries: Several Fighters Deliver Great Finishes

UFC Fight Night 38 Preliminaries: Several Fighters Deliver Great Finishes


The preliminary bouts from Fight Night 38 in Natal, Brazil, are in the books and it was an exciting undercard.

Of the five fights presented four proved to be stoppages; two TKO’s and two submissions.

Of the four stoppages the flying knee by Godofredo Castro was simply a thing of beauty. He caught Noad Lahat completely unaware and dropped him like a bag of cement.

In short, all of tonight’s winners looked good and all the matches did a great job of prepping raucous Brazilian crowd for the main event.

Here are the preliminaries recap and results.  

Fight # 1: Godofredo Castro vs. Noad Lahat

Castro came out strong, but Lahat looked good as well. The two did battle with Lahat trying to get score a takedown, but Castro would have none of it. With both throwing Lahat caught Castro and staggered him, but Castro quickly recovered. Castro would return the favor with a big right that forced Lahat to take a knee. Lahat would break away, but on the next encounter Castro throttled Lahat with a huge flying knee and it was all over; winner by KO at the 2:39 mark of the first round, Godofredo Castro.

Fight # 2: Hans Stringer vs. Francimar Barroso

This was a pretty good fight. Hans Stringer used a stand-up and clinching game to force Barroso into a brawl in this match. Barroso had some formidable leg kicks and some nasty punches of his own, particularly his uppercut, but Stringer proved to have a heck of a chin and more than enough offense to hold his own with Barroso. The fight went the full three and with both fighters exhausted by its end, it was the Dutch fight that had his hand raised; winner by split decision Hans Stringer.

Fight # 3: Kenny Robertson vs. Thiago de Oliveira Perpetuo

This was a short, simple, and sweet fight. Robertson met Perpetuo with a high left kick to the head, cutting his opponent immediately. However, Perpetuo grabbed Robertson’s leg and forced him to the ground. On top and in control, Perpetuo looked to do damage to Robertson, but it was not to be. Robertson quickly reversed the position and took Perpetua’s back. With that, he began to successfully sink in a vicious submission; winner by rear-naked choke at the 1:45 mark of round one, Kenny Robertson.

Fight # 4: Jussier da Silva vs. Scott Jorgensen

This match was all Jussier da Silva. The two came out and clashed, and Jorgensen looked good, however, in one exchange Jorgensen took a nasty head but from Silva, ending up on the mat and on his back. With Jorgensen under him Silva began to work his ground game. He maneuvered for position, took Jorgensen’s back and it was all over. Silva sunk in the submission and Jorgensen tapped; winner by rear-naked choke at the 3:07 mark of the first round, Jussier da Silva.

Fight # 5: Thiago Santos vs, Ronny Markes

There’s not much to say about this fight other than Thiago Santos looked like a beast. By way of a replay, Santos came out and hit Markes with a vicious left leg kick to the liver and Markes went back and down. With Santos giving pursuit there was little Markes could do but turtle up as Santos rained down heavy lefts. Having seen enough the referee stepped in and waived off the fight; winner by TKO at the fifty-seven second mark of the first round, Thiago Santos. 

Photo: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

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